Rise Reporting Issue

Nov 22, 2016

Really like what Rise can do but having issues with it not reporting back to LMS, anybody else out there use SABA and have reporting issues

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

Thanks for reaching out here. I see that you've got a couple different forum threads starting about the issues with your LMS and I just responded to you here as well. 

I've got that information in the hands of our Engineers, but if the communication would be easier for you we can also get you into a Support case. I'll send you a message directly to get that started!  

Thorn Farms

Hi Ashley, I know that Adam had answered my SCORM issue about 2004 not reporting the interaction data. Sorry to bring this up here but would it be possible to open a support case to make sure this is being looked at? It is really important and I am waiting to see if this is fixed before I purchase (and my trial is running out!) Also, when could we expect an update to Rise?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Veronica, 

I wanted to get you the link for submitting a case as well in the event that you need it in the future.  You can connect with our Support Engineers here 24/7. 

As Adam confirmed it's something the team is actively investigating, and once we have an update to share here we'll be sure to do so promptly! If there is anything else our team can assist with, please feel free to let us know here in the E-Learning Heroes forum or by reaching out to our Support Engineers. 

Hope you have a great Holiday weekend! 

Alicia Blitz

I have a similar issue with Rise in SABA. It will track as passed, but it does not track number of attempts.

On every other version of Articulate software (pre-Studio '09) we have had to replace files in the software. Specifically for Storyline:  "Configuration.js" and "SCORMFunctions.js". Those files do not exist in the Rise output. I spoke to Articulate here at the FocusOn Conference in San Diego this week and there must be a corresponding file in the Rise output.

See attached Rise output and SL2 output attached files. I also attached the replacement files we have been using for SL1, and SL2, and SL360.

SL2 Output

Rise Output


Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Alicia!

If you set your Rise course to Track using quiz result during export, you'll be able to choose which completion adjectives the course sends to the LMS.  Rise courses set to Track using course completion don't have those additional options right now, although we'd love to hear from you about it if this is important to you.

I've submitted a support case on your behalf so that our team can take a look at the reporting problem you're having in Saba, and a great way for you to dig deeper in the interim is to confirm whether this also happens in an industry-standard tool like SCORM Cloud.

Alicia Blitz


Thanks Stuart. I figured out the option to change the passing verbiage. :)

Justin, I was able to replace the "scormdriver.js" file into the output zip file and it did pass to transcript in our LMS (Saba 5.5 Cloud). Which is a step forward, but it's still not tracking attempts.

We've been able to get every Articulate product to track attempts by replacing the "Configuration.js" or "SCORMFunctions.js" files, so there has to be a way to modify the "scormdriver.js" file to do the same.

On another positive note, I was finally able to download the output while on my company network. YEAH!!! Not sure how exactly...could be IT actually opened the ports 80 and 443 as I requested, but no way to really tell. 



Alicia Blitz

I tested in SCORM Cloud and it was tracking attempts. When loaded into our LMS it will track overall prgress, comkpletion and passing to transcript but no attempts.

I opened a ticket with SABA and they say it is not designed to track attempts, just continue.

Has anyone gotten a Rise course to track attempts in their LMS?

Here's the link to the debug log:



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alicia, 

It sounds like when you tested at SCORM Cloud, the attempts were tracked there? That is something each LMS will handle, as the launching of the course and recording of scores occurs in the LMS not the published output files. 

Keep us posted if you hear any more from Saba and if you'd like any other help from Miker you can respond to his email to you about case #01090968. 

Alicia Blitz

Case # 01090968

SABA came back and said that Rise is not supposed to track attempts. After a lot of prodding I finally got someone at SABA to agree that this was an issue, AND to work on it. Is there someone who can contact me so I can put them in touch with the SABA tech?

I would be surprised I am the only user having this issue.

Logan Stahler

Hi Justin-

Just curious - do you think that Halogen (now owned by Saba) also records interactions differently than most LMSs?  I ask because we continue to have course completion recording issues with Halogen and Rise that I have not been able to resolve.  The issues are very sporadic and hard to replicate.  I'm ripping my hair out trying to figure out what's going on!  


Justin Grenier

Hi, Logan.

I don't have personal experience with Halogen, but here's how I'd approach the scenario you're describing:

  1. Test your course in SCORM Cloud, an industry-standard tool for testing LMS output.  Does the completion problem also happen in SCORM Cloud, or only in Halogen?  This will help you to isolate whether this is a problem with your content or with your LMS.
  2. Enable LMS Debug Mode and share the resulting log with Halogen's support team.  LMS Debug Mode logs all communication between the course and the LMS, so Halogen should be able to tell you quickly why course completion isn't being recorded.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Logan Stahler

Hi Justin-

Thanks for the reply!  We have tested the Rise course in SCORM Cloud, and it works as it should.  So, we are pretty confident it has to be a Halogen issue.  Our LMS administrator told us that she can't enable debugging in Halogen because the last time she did, it "broke" the system.  I don't know how/why this can be, but our hands are a bit tied when it comes to our ability to troubleshoot inside of Halogen.  

We plan to escalate this to the support team, but I thought I would ask you in case you had heard of similar issues with Halogen given Saba recently bought it.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Logan,

Wow - sorry this saga is continuing with your Halogen team. I'd hope they could figure out how the "broke" the system too. 😕 

I haven't heard of similar issues with Halogen, but the debugging steps Justin shared are set in Rise and should generate the log without Halogen's help (it would be different than their own debugging process). Hopefully that helps and gives some further insight into what's happening! 

Definitely keep us posted - I'm sure we have other Halogen users here in ELH. 

Bryan Smith


We're experiencing a similar issue with content developed in Rise. It apparently doesn't make an LMSFinish call when a course is completed. It seems that the only way to trigger this call is to close the browser tab, which isn't helpful when it's one of several lessons in a given LMS course. When we have sequential navigation turned on in our LMS (Skilljar) it means that the leaner is unable advance to the next lesson without closing the browser tab and returning. That's obviously not what we're going for. Given Rise's limited publishing options is there a way to force this LMSFinish call that passes Completion status, and effectively allows learners to advance in a given course when future lessons are locked down?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bryan,

Great question - we do send the LMSFinish call on the browser close or exit. Are you hoping to change the behavior to occur at a certain point in the Rise course? I'd love to know more about that and share the idea with our team to look into. 

It also sounds like you're linking the Rise courses inside a larger structure with your LMS? Could you also look to see if the Rise courses could launch in a new window/tab? That way they'd be able to close it and still have the LMS page open and continue on through the rest of your courses.