Some display problem on Ardroid phone for Articulate Rise for Sorting activity and Storyline Block

Dec 09, 2017

First of all, I would like to say I'm excited to see this adding of storyline block to Rise. It adds on more flexibility onto Rise. Thank you so much for the hard work done to make the platform a wonderful tool to use.

I do encounter some issues and would like to seek for some advice.
Issue 1 (Sorting):

I created a Sorting activity. It display fine on desktop mode but on Phone mode, the words are truncated. Is there a way to show the text fully?

Issue 2(Storyline block)

I'm exploring on storyline Blocks on Rise. It work fine on preview for Desktop mode but appears as a static play button. Is there any chance to have it work similarly as the desktop mode? 

Issue 3 (Storyline block)
I've tried viewing the storyline block using android phone since the preview mode doesn't show the interaction. It work when i press the play button. When I create 2 storyline blocks, it starts having problem. When I press on the play on the 1st storyline block, it shows another play button and when I pressed this 2nd play button, it runs my 2nd storyline block. After this, i need to navigate back to my 1st storyline block to run it.

Hope to receive advice on this. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi H! Happy to hear you're loving the Storyline block. ūüėĀ¬†

I'm happy to help with the problems you're encountering. Let's tackle them one at a time.

Issue 1 (Sorting):

We're also seeing that words in a Rise Sorting Activity lesson are cut off on some mobile devices. In this example, the card should say "Address the needs of the customer," but the last word is removed.

Is that similar to what you're seeing? Can you also tell me what type of device and mobile browser you're using? If you can share a screenshot, that would be helpful, too!

Issue 2 (Storyline block):

The play button you're seeing is expected on mobile devices. If you'd like to share your feedback on how it should work differently, let us know in a feature request here!

Issue 3 (Storyline block):

We've found that multiple Storyline blocks will play at the same time if they are embedded in the same lesson, and our team is looking into this. I'll let you know as soon as we release a fix for this bug!

In the meantime, try adding a continue block between the two Storyline blocks. This will prevent the content from overlapping. 


I hope that helps to answer your questions. Let me know if you think of anything else!

H B.J.

Hi Alyssa, Thanks for the replies and advice. Much appreciated. Please see my replies as follows

Issue 1

Yes, your screenshot is what I saw. I shall attached a screenshot as requested. It should say "Piecewise approximation is used when a graph cannot be represented by 1 equation"

My device is Samsung S7 (Android).

Browser used: Happen on both Chrome and IE

Issue 2

Noted this. Thanks.

Issue 3
I've workaround this at the moment by shifting the 2nd storyline block to another lesson. Good tip you've shared there to use a continue block in between. Definitely helpful to know.! Thanks for looking into this and await your good news.

Thanks for the attention and advice to these issues. Awesome work in creating a good platform for e-learning and great support too.


Crystal Horn

Hi H B.J.  I have an update on the multiple Storyline block behavior (your 3rd issue). Because of the way the blocks are designed, it is unavoidable that the Storyline block will load as though it has been opened, unless it is hidden by a continue block.

Best practices that you can use are:

  • Create a Storyline interaction that doesn't "autoplay" media on the first slide. You could have a poster frame type of slide, or media that is triggered by user interaction, for example.
  • Use a continue block to separate Storyline blocks, keeping in mind that upon revisiting the lesson, the continue block requirement will have been satisfied, and any interactions in that block lesson will be launched again.
  • Use only one Storyline block in a lesson if it includes media that must autoplay.

I hope that provides some guidance on how to get the most out of the Storyline block!

AJ Grove

Hi guys,

I'm also finding that text in the sorting activity is truncating in portrait mode.

The character count where the drop out occurs happens anywhere from character 28 to character 47, which is much less than the 80 mentioned above.

Oddly, more of the text reveals when a card is dragged into the drop zone).

I have tested in both Chrome (v70.0.3538.75) and Safari (IOS12.1) on an iphone 7.

Is there a way to manually drop the font size in the coding script somewhere?

Anthony Karcz

Hi Randy and Angela! I'm sorry that you're still seeing this issue. I just need a little more information so that I can take a closer look. If you could let me know what model phone and version of iOS or Android the affected device is running, that would really help.

In the meantime, we've provided some guidance in regards to the expectation for sorting activities on smartphones. Due to space constraint, learners will only see three lines of text. You can check out more details here.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Clifford. Tell me a bit more about what happens when you view this course on your Samsung phone:

  • Does the embedded web content display at all?
  • If so, does the content display incorrectly or not function as expected?
  • Does it behave differently on other mobile devices?

We can help with testing, too! Feel free to share your output privately with my team here. You can also share the embed code you used so that we can test it further.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Veronika,

Because of limited screen space on smartphones, each sorting item can have up to three lines of text when viewed in portrait mode, which could be fewer than 80 characters of text. If you're using custom fonts, you may see fewer than three lines. You can preview sorting activities in Rise 360 and switch to mobile portrait mode to make sure all your text displays correctly.

Let us know if you have less than 3 lines of text and it is still truncated. We'll take a closer look!

Chris Potapenko

Veronika's answer has been the same given for years now.  This issue of the text being cut off has been consistently reported on both Android and iPhones for 3 years now and still no resolve.  Many people have commented that they're not using custom fonts and they are still not seeing 3 lines of content while staying way under the 80 character limit.  How many different examples need to be given to show this continues to be a problem? Here is the example of what my testers are using with the iPhone running iOS 13: 

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