Storyline block does not autoplay in mobile

Oct 18, 2018

Hi. I attached a SL block on my Rise course and I wanted it autoplay on display. It is fine on desktop but when I preview on mobile, I notice that it doesn't autoplay. Any ideas on how to fix this? TIA.

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Sergio Renato Aldana Alvarez

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, if you are looking for something you need to do with Rise, they are always give the same answers: you can't, request the feature, we dont have plans, etc.

Rise is likely to be a product purchased by Articulate from a third party and resold to us, which is why its development is so slow and limited as it is not dependent on them.

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone! I want to assure you that Rise 360 (and is a product that is fully engineered by developers at Articulate. You can check out the evolution of features and fixes released here.

Storyline blocks will automatically play in desktop devices with some rules around media on the first slide. Storyline content will not autoplay on mobile devices because of media autoplay restrictions in mobile browsers. This particular behavior is controlled Storyline, and we don't have plans to change how Storyline launches on mobile devices at this time. 

Please let me know if anything comes up for you around Storyline blocks in Rise!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael. Before they're viewed, all Storyline blocks will have a black screen with the play button on mobile devices. Once they're viewed and closed, you may see a gray overlay on the last slide of the Storyline interaction with the play button on top to launch it again, like in Ashley's image.

The key here is that Storyline content won't show through on mobile devices until the play button is clicked in order to comply with mobile browser autoplay policies in the most consistent way!

Natalie Sikes

I agree with all comments. Articulate has not made any upgrades to Rise for a couple of years. The Storyline blocks should look seamless on a mobile phone. I have several Storyline blocks that do not have any video, audio, or animations, but the user still has to click the play button on a black screen on a phone. Overall, Rise is very inflexible with limited block options. I was hoping that new blocks and more flexibility would be built in over time, but this has not been the case.

Is there a plan for a Rise update anytime soon? This is long overdue.

Angelo Cruz

Hello there! On mobile browsers, Storyline blocks will not autoplay. You'll see the play button to launch the Storyline content. On tablets, the Storyline content should play in line with the Rise 360 lesson.

We're tracking the impact of this behavior, and I'll update this post if we make any changes to how Storyline blocks appear on smaller mobile screens.