Storyline Interactions in Rise

I love that I can use Storyline interactions in Rise. However, I find myself hesitant to do so in many instances because I do not like how the learner has to click the PLAY button to access the interaction on a mobile device. Does anyone else feel this way? It just seems odd to click PLAY to access the interaction, to me, PLAY means I will be watching a demo or video. 

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Paul Maund

HI There!  I really enjoy working in Rise but I totally agree with Anthony on this and many others who have commented on in various blogs.  I believe Articulate need to address this issue especially when the end users are predominantly mobile based.  Learners and clients are scrolling down a beautiful branded e-learning package and then faced with a horrible big grey play screen on their tablet or phone.  As someone who has come from a multimedia/graphic background, I love how sleek and modern Rise looks and feels.  This issue really lets it down where I believe a solution can be easily achieved as Anthony suggested. 

Clients and learners do not want to see these big grey landing screens in their branded e-learning so either a static image of the Storyline block can be placed or some kind of pre-loader needs to be implemented.  Or perhaps change the colour of the grey skin to white if nothing else.  Importing Storyline blocks are an essential feature for many of us but we just need them to look presentable on mobile devices too please. 

kristen kline

Kristen Kenny!  It does that sometimes on the computer too and it bothers me so much as well! 

There is a video in this block, but not on the first page.  I use storyline blocks in RISE all the time and this is the only one this has ever happened to me before and I am hesitant to even use it as well.

Anthony Goss

I understand the reason for having to initiate play. I just think it’s an unattractive screen. I spend hours making my courses look beautiful for the learner, and then they are confronted with this big grey screen with a play button to initiate the Storyline content. A poster frame should be able to be implemented similar to what you can do for video. I have submitted this as a feature request but it has not been implemented.