Test results not showing correctly in LMS Scorm 1.2 missing analysis tab

Feb 14, 2024

I made a quiz in Storyline 360, imported it to Rise 360, published it as an LMS file (Scorm 1.2) and everything works except when I try and review the test results I get this (see attachment).

I contacted Talent LMS and here was their reply;

Since the Analysis tab is missing from the SCORM report, it seems that there is an issue with the initial configuration of the SCORM file. The SCORM file does not communicate this information to TLMS. 
What I suggest, would be to bring this up with the Authoring tool support team so that they can investigate further and help you resolve it.




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Karl Muller

Hi Larry,

I'm not familiar with Talent LMS or what's supposed to appear on the analysis tab.

You mention "test results" so you may be looking for data related to how students answered questions.

It should be noted that SCORM 1.2 does not send question data to the LMS. Talent LMS should know that.

How do I send question text to my LMS?

When you publish your Rise 360 course for cmi5, SCORM 2004, or xAPI (Tin Can), it sends full question text to your LMS.

Source https://access.articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Quiz-Data-Sent-to-an-LMS#Question-text 

Steven Benassi

Hi Larry!

Glad to see Karl has been helping you out!

I noticed that you've also opened a support case and connected with my teammate, Fannie May. Smart move! It looks like Fannie May is reviewing your files and will follow up with additional details on this behavior.

We can continue the conversation through your case to help keep all information in one spot.