Tracking the score from a RISE Quiz in the LMS

Jul 20, 2018


Just released our first RISE course & Quiz today as two separate objects for testing.  I note that the score in the quiz isn't being captured by the LMS, just the pass/fail result.

Is there anything I need to edit to make this happen?



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Katie Riggio

Hi, Lisa. Woo-hoo, congrats on releasing your first Rise project!

Rise should send the score data (if tracking by Quiz Result) in addition to the completion status. If you'd like to see what data Rise is sending to your LMS, you could enable LMS Debug Mode and watch the communication between the two!

..and if you'd like to view how the content is reported in another LMS, try testing the output in SCORM Cloud. I'm happy to lend a hand with that testing if you're able to share the zipped export package. ☺️

Ilka  Hufnagl

Hi Katie, 

I have the same problem. I just published a Rise course and implemented it into our LMS. I recognized that the user scores won't be shown in the LMS. I checked the course with scorm cloud and also here it doesn't show the score. Attached you can find my settings for export as well as the scorm cloud screenshot. 

Do you have an idea of what I need to change? 

Thank you, Ilka 

Karl Muller

What each LMS tracks and reports is different, but typically the LMS will report only whether or not the course completion criteria set within the course itself has been met or not.

Based on your Rise export settings, you have set course completion criteria for your course that learners must finish/view 80% of the course.  So you're not tracking a quiz result at all.

That being said, even if you change the tracking to a Quiz result, the LMS may still not show the score and may still show only Passed/Completed.

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