Translation of Rise Course

Aug 22, 2017

Has anyone used a translation vendor that can translate directly from Rise? I don't want to have to copy and paste an entire rise course into a text editor just to get the text translated. Suggestions appreciated.

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Rina Rodriguez

Hello, I know the earlier posts were from 3 years ago, but I'm just now running into the issue that Irina originally posted - I tried uploaded an xliff file into Rise this morning and about 7 hours later, it is still showing that same "processing translation" message. Can someone tell me what to do here? It is not a big file... Thanks.

Emer Duggan

Hi Articulate Rise Team,

I working with Articulate RISE and I have some languages (German, Spanish, Arabic, Polish & Italian) where I have tried to import the XLIFF file but it just keeps processing. It worked flawlessly with several other languages, but not with these. I'm not getting an error message, but nothing happens. It stays as "Processing Translation".  Can you help?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rina. I'm sorry you were having trouble with the translation file uploading back into Rise 360. Is this issue still happening? If so, please connect with us here and we can have a look at your XLIFF.

In another customer's file, we saw an issue with the tags that was causing the same behavior, and we were able to help!

C Evans

Hi Alyssa,

I realise that this is an old thread, but we are experiencing the same problem at the moment and trying to understand the implications. We are working with an external translation company that is using Trados (not sure what version), and the XLIFF file that they have sent us displays empty text blocks after import. The code does include <seg-source> tags, can I assume from the above that these are not compatible with Rise360? The follow-up question is if we remove them, will this affect the formatting or display of HTML content such as tables etc?

Cathy Evans