Video created as Storyline output has blank start screen when used in Rise multimedia block

Aug 23, 2019

Hi.  I've created a video in Storyline 360 from 4 slides.  When I embed it in Rise, it shows as a blank screen with start button.  It plays as expected but I'd like to get a first frame picture showing rather than the white square.  Grateful for any suggestions.


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Errol Muir

Hi folks.  I have had a repeat of this problem but have found the solution.  If you use the 'publish to video' option while Storyline is in 'Story' view, I get a blank start screen on the video.  But if a slide is open, the video has the slide as the frame showing on the video when published - and when loaded into Rise.  I thought I should complete the story :) 

Errol Muir

Hi folks, sorry to report but the problem continues and I cant get a fix.  When publishing to video I check that there is a first screen image showing in the 'publish' dialogue.  But when published, I get a blank screen on the file icon, and when I load it into Rise, is shows as a blank screen.  The video plays ok but looks bad on the course. I've attached a copy of the Storyline file. Any advice appreciated.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing your .story file, Errol! I'm seeing the same thing when I publish your project to video, and it seems like it's happening during the publishing from Storyline. My own example file is showing the poster frame as expected, however. I'm going to get a case started for you so we can have a closer look. You'll get an email from us with next steps soon!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sara. After working with Errol, we discovered having a transition effect on his first slide in the Storyline interaction was contributing to the undesirable first frame showing in Rise 360.

The best way to see what's happening on your end would be to have a look at your Storyline file. Could you share it privately with my team here? We'll publish it to video and test adding it to a Rise 360 course. We delete all files when we're done troubleshooting. Thanks!

Thomas Perkins

Hi - I ran into this problem as well. Everything was fine until I added audio to my slides, then I got the same blank opening slide before the presentation. It is being caused by adding audio to the first slide of your deck. Once I removed the audio from the first slide and republished for RISE, then it worked fine again. 

Cassandra Buffington-Bates

Hi, I'm joining this conversation as the same type of problem is happening for me with a black blank screen shows in RISE once my videos have been published from SL.  As everyone says, the videos play as expected but how they look in RISE is not the video intro as a preview but a black screen. As troubleshooting, I even tried to publish from Replay then upload in RISE with the same result. Why does this problem happen?  It's not consistent thought that I have seen whether I created the video in SL to upload or created as an .mp4 in another program to then insert in SL to be published with intro and outro pieces.