Which LMS is best for Rise Courses?

Hey people! I need an LMS to run courses created in Rise. Here's a list of features. Any recommendations?


  • Learners can purchase course and watch it right away.
  • Paypal or other easy payment system.
  • Direct payments to multiple payees
  • Require course completion in order to see/take assessment.

Admin functions:

  • Advanced reporting
  • Learner data on time spent in each course
  • Automated quiz grading
  • Certificate awarding when student completes course with 75% or higher.
  • Interactive exercises and assessments.
  • Custom branding

SCORM and API compliant.

Quick help (phone or chat).

Cloud hosting

No banners or advertisements

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David Emmett

Hi something to consider might be Wordpress - then add the Cluevo LMS to it as a free plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/cluevo-lms/ seems to works well with Rise courses saved as scorm - although I have only just started testing  - if you buy a theme with commerce included you can get most of the building blocks as open source Cheers Dave

Dr. Ron A. Rhoades

As a university educator designing and writing a freshman-level course in Personal Finance, I settled on Thinkific as well. For its ecommerce ability, for no extra cost.

By way of explanation, my educational institution desired to recoup the platform (and other costs incurred) by charging students a modest fee ($20 or less); hence, ecommerce functionality at reasonable cost was required. While not a perfect solution, it beats having students purchase traditional textbooks at $75 to $250 each, or undertake eLearning texts through the traditional textbook publishers (typically $55 to $125, for a limited-in-time eLearning subscription). While separate eCommerce solutions existed that could be paired with Articulate, these solutions would have driven the price up for students beyond the maximum $20 target we desired.

However, I do believe Articulate's RISE 360 platform has several advantages over Thinkific, having worked to set up several modules for a course on each. I would encourage corporate trainers, especially those doing microlearning, to use Articulate, for its user interfaces (especially for learners) are exceptional.

Modern pedagogical techniques - including spaced interval learning, retrieval practice, interleaving, microlearning, combining text with pictures and videos and graphics - can all be well-achieved on the RISE 360 platform. I hope to return to the RISE 360 platform, for future course development, once the ecommerce functionality is improved.

Carriann Lane

I agree. I am just living for the day that a full virtual classroom to really run, not just show, Articulate Content.It’s the best but my platform will not yet support it. Firmwater worked great. It’s expensive by some standards, affordable by others. I did test on Firmwater with perfect results.

Nic Thomas

Hey Taylor, 

I've been using Thinkific for a while now and no probs at all.  The double player is annoying, but if you turn off the side bar prior to exporting it removes that issue (but also the navigation).  For me that works well as what I end up doing is breaking into small courses and separate lessons in thinkific.  The SCORM issue will be for me a future problem, from last contact thinkific are not planning to include due to the API costs

Jessica Ward

Plus one for having Articulate staff gather research on this and help their users by sharing this kind of information. Rise is your product - you tell us which platforms you work with! I've done hours and hours of research on my specific case, but knowing which LMSs Rise works best with, which known bugs and quirks exist, etc. would really help. No amount of research on my part is really going to tell me, for example, that if I try to publish my Rise course on Thinkific I'm going to encounter a double player bar. And over time it seems to me that Articulate staff would be best positioned to gather that information (AND work with other companies to sort out the bugs).

Rich Becker

The Rise courses we developed play fine from the Articulate site, but when we run them from Premier LMS on an iPhone we have trouble. The most common problem is that the text size is inconsistent, and sometimes way way too big (see attached 1682). We are currently seeing the screen effectively cut off halfway down. As user scrolls down, text and images disappear when they get below the midline. (See attached 1680)  Any suggestions?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rich, thanks for including those screenshots! I can clearly see that Rise isn't displayed correctly from your mobile device. Have you tried hosting it in another LMS environment to compare it to what you're seeing in Premier LMS?

SCORM Cloud is an excellent LMS testing tool, and it's free to use. We'd be happy to help you with that testing if you don't mind sharing your file with us