xAPI courses of type AR2017 crash in learndash when first question is answered

Jan 17, 2022

Hello. We have been experiencing an issue over the past couple of weeks with our new courses where a user will crash out of each exam the first time they answer a question, and then the course will be marked as completed despite not actually passing the quiz. There is no indication of something happening on the LMS side. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. It seems I can't find a good answer from either LearnDash or Articulate, and because nothing is reflected in the console, it's hard for us to track anything down since it's also no providing anything in our debug logs of the event occurring. 

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Lea Agato

Hi Jason! Have you tried testing your course in SCORM Cloud? If you're getting the same issue with your course uploaded in SCORM Cloud, please send us a copy of your published course using this form. We'll review your course and work with you directly to troubleshoot the issue.  If it only happens in your LMS, please raise a support case with LearnDash. They'll know how to best help with your issue.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Key Learning, 

Happy to chime in! 

I'd recommend testing your course in SCORM Cloud as mentioned by my colleague Lea to isolate if the behavior you're experiencing is LMS specific. If your course functions without any issues in SCORM Cloud, please work with your LMS support team so they can test the behavior on their end. 

If you can replicate the behavior in SCORM Cloud, please open a case with our support team here so we can take a closer look at your course.