xAPI Full Capabilities in Rise

Sep 10, 2019

I'm building a number of Rise modules for a client and they love the platform, however they are looking for a solution that will allow them to capture robust metrics from the learning using xAPI to show how learners are interacting with the content. Examples include tracking Knowledge Check selections and attempts, interaction with audio, video and interactive blocks, etc. Currently the xAPI tracking in Rise is no different than what SCORM provides. Alternatively, could the content be exported in a way that allows developers to add in their own API statements post export? Data and analytics are becoming a massive ask from our clients and I'm still only able to accomplish this by building our own custom platforms. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joshua!

The xAPI (aka Tin Can) output of Rise 360 sends essentially the same data as SCORM output, but we're tracking requests to extend xAPI reporting. I'll add your vote for that feature!

In the meantime, I'll leave it to the community for any tricks with modifying the statements in the output.

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Joshua,

If video is of importance to you, the best tracking available today is the xAPI Video Profile (Developed by an official ADL Working Group)

To use the profile, if you are using WordPress you can use the advanced video tracking form GrassBlade. 

If you are using any other platform, you can try using the xAPI Video profile prototype code explained in this article. 

If Rise allowed Javascript code, like Storyline and other authoring tools, it would be much easier to add more tracking. 

If you are fine editing the output of Articulate Rise or adding a javascript code to all rise output, then additional tracking is possible because Rise gives an HTML output. I might be able to provide help as required. 

PS: I am the Chair, of xAPI Video Profile. As well as a member of the Working Group that built xAPI. 
Disclaimer: GrassBlade is the product that I have built. 

Taren Cunningham

Is there a place where I can "vote" for this feature? Honestly, I feel it's very misleading for Articulate to say that Rise supports using xAPI if the functionality you support is the same as SCORM. At least put a disclaimer everywhere you say you support xAPI.
Exports in xAPI format, but does NOT provide any of the useful statement data you'd expect, (you know, the whole reason you would want to use it). 

Andrew Corbett

A big Yes! to this. It has amazed me that vendors are saying they support xAPI when its really SCORM using a different data format. And even tools that do report more data often do it in a shotgun approach rather than with thoughtful learning design. (Although it is true that you need different data models for different goals). 

Mike Wilson

I'm 'voting" not that it means much. For how much it costs for this platform and how much extra we have spent to hack the rise output to provide some metrics it is becoming a waste of effort. Next step for us will to be to replace rise with a platform that is more usable in terms of metrics, we basically have given the platform 12 months to see if they improve anything.

Richard Tomchuk

This is 100% on point. An Articulate 360 subscription costs $1300 PER YEAR PER USER. For that price you should not have to resort to hacking one of its authoring tools to get it to work with a widely accepted e-learning standard, let alone an authoring tool that's billed as the latest and greatest.