xAPI Full Capabilities in Rise

Sep 10, 2019

I'm building a number of Rise modules for a client and they love the platform, however they are looking for a solution that will allow them to capture robust metrics from the learning using xAPI to show how learners are interacting with the content. Examples include tracking Knowledge Check selections and attempts, interaction with audio, video and interactive blocks, etc. Currently the xAPI tracking in Rise is no different than what SCORM provides. Alternatively, could the content be exported in a way that allows developers to add in their own API statements post export? Data and analytics are becoming a massive ask from our clients and I'm still only able to accomplish this by building our own custom platforms. 

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Martin Rauscher

Unfortunately it feels like it is the same with a ton of other requests for small adjustments... at this point, you could deactivate the feature request as a whole... 

This kind of intransparent and not user-friendly way of communicating is so frustrating, especially since Rise is a really neat tool.