New Rise Feature: Sidebar Visibility

Hey Everyone,

We released a new feature to Rise today that allows you to set sidebar visibility.

You can now choose to:

  1. Set the sidebar to be open at course launch (default)
  2. Set the sidebar to be closed at course launch
  3. Remove the sidebar completely from the course

Check out this 90 second video for the details:



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Marcia Kitshoff

Hi Nicole

Thanks for the response. I have attached a video of a test course to better explain what I mean. Regardless of whether the sidebar is set to hidden or visible by default, the only place the learner has the option to change whether the sidebar is open or closed is in the very first block. As soon as you scroll down past the first block, the hamburger icon disappears and the sidebar is locked into whatever position was selected. The only way to change the position is to scroll all the way to the first block again.

While this is not difficult when there is very little content on the page, it becomes painful when you have continued through a lot of content and then perhaps want to open the menu again (or close it). Especially on a mobile device where you want to use as much of the screen as possible to view the content, but may need to refer to the menu from time to time, this is an issue.

I hope this clarifies the question?

Many thanks


Nicole Legault

Thank you Marcia, for making that video and for your further explanation. It does clarify and I do understand now what you mean. That is the expected behaviour (not a bug) but I can see your point and understand how you'd like it to be glued/stuck so the hamburger icon is always visible, no matter how far down the page you've scrolled. I would highly encourage you to make a feature request for that.  Our dev team is always making updates and rolling out new features and one of the key ways we identify what to implement is through feature requests from our customers. Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment and share your feedback with us! We appreciate that.