Tonya Smith
Matthew Womack-Evans

Hi Lila, If I'm understanding your issue correctly, I may be able to help. The template uses a trigger in the master slide to change the state of each menu item when the timeline starts based on the value of a certain variable. If this variable is not set to a specific value when the menu opens, the menu items will revert back to its original state which, in this case, is the state without the tick. Basically you need to set a trigger to change the relevant variable. If we look at 'Menu item one', the associated variable is 'VarCompl1'. Once the user has completed this particular section create a trigger that sets VarCompl1 = True, this should then change the state of this menu item to complete when opening the menu. Let me know if this helps - or not, I'm happy to take a look... Expand

James Johnson
Jeff Kortenbosch
Sarah Weber