Party games like Cards Against Humanity, turn even the most innocent statements into hilariously awkward comic gold. And in this inspired download, I've tried to capture some of that playful spirit by pulling together a few of my favorite pieces of client feedback and using them as the basis for a simple pick-one card game where the more absurd your answer is, the higher your score. (Hint: Score at least 20 points to snag a reward.)

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I've built this project in Storyline 2, but you can easily open it with Storyline 360 as well. With a minimalist visual design, this project file is quick and easy to repurpose to create things like a fun, game-like compliance quiz, or an attention-grabbing training refresher, for instance.


Daniel Mitchell

Fixed this. It only took about 25 steps, which in SL projects, isn't that many. Add a shape (rectangle) that completely covers the four cards. Set the transparency of the shape to 100%. This will effectively keep anyone from clicking any of the cards. Next, go into shape states and set the shape to initially: hidden. This allows the user to click any card, as long as the shape is hidden. Then, add a trigger on every card. _change state of rectangle1 to normal when user clicks card1_ This means that as soon as the user clicks any card, the shape "appears" (even though still invisible) and blocks the user from clicking any other card. You will need to repeat these steps on every layer of the main game slide (5 layers). Make sure that on each layer, the triggers are pointing to th... Expand

Diane Brochu
Kalena Hornkohl
Tamara Haynes