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To foster an even deeper connection among members, we thought we’d post a series of articles highlighting different people from the community. This is the first article in that series. Without further ado, let’s meet our first community member and Articulate Super Hero: Jackie Van Nice



Name: Jackie Van Nice

Based In: Bluffton, South Carolina

Job Title: E-Learning Vendor/Freelancer

E-Learning Pro Since: 2009

What’s your e-learning philosophy?

“If I’m not having fun creating it, it’s not going to be enjoyable for learners to experience it. It’s the difference between an inspired creation and an uninspired one.”

What’s the most challenging training topic you’ve ever tackled and why?

“Compliance courses are usually challenging because of the large amount of technical content and legalese. My favorite compliance solution was a sexual harassment course where I decided to bring characters and humor to it. I liked the challenge of walking that fine line between making something as funny as possible while keeping it appropriate.”

What’s your go-to interaction type and why?

“It’s hard to beat a good drag-and-drop. They can handle the simplest to the most complex content for either presentation or reinforcement, the visual design can be equally simple or complex, and learners tend to find them intriguing when done well.”

What’s your favorite thing about the E-Learning Heroes Community?

“The e-learning challenges. It’s all the best aspects of the E-Learning Heroes community, rolled into one: You get to learn for yourself and from others, practice your craft, connect with your peers, have an enormous amount of fun, ask for help, help others, make friends, be inspired, get attention for your work, and develop great examples. I’d live there if I could.”

What’s your advice for people who want to get into the e-learning field?

“Take full advantage of the resources here on E-Learning Heroes. Check out the e-books, explore the other resources designed for people new to the field, and ask questions in the forums.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to get to know community member and Articulate Super Hero Jackie Van Nice. To find out more about her journey with the E-Learning Heroes community, check out this article: From E-Learning Newbie to Super (Hero) Success Story on E-Learning Heroes. If you’re interested in increasing your involvement in the community, learn more about the Super Hero program here: Everything You Need to Know About Articulate Super Heroes.

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