Sharing E-Learning Heroes Wisdom with Guest Articles Galore

The E-Learning Heroes community is chock-full of e-learning experts. With more than 300,000 members from all kinds of e-learning, training, and instructional design backgrounds, it’s such a rich source of discussion and learning about all things e-learning.

And we’re so excited to be giving our awesome community members a platform to share their expertise by publishing their articles on E-Learning Heroes. Check out this roundup of community member-written articles to get great career tips, e-learning insights, and Storyline tips and tricks:

General E-Learning Articles

Career Tips

Storyline 2 How-Tos

We’re super excited to be featuring more insights and ideas from community members, and we’re always open to new goodies! If you’ve got something you want to share, please send an email with your idea or outline to Kelly Meeker at