hero illustration of a character holding the E-Learning Heroes logo aloft while a second character flies around it; both characters are wearing capes and appear to be in space

There are people in the E-Learning Heroes community who go above and beyond to help their fellow e-learning developers. They regularly start insightful discussions, respond to questions, share examples of their inspiring work, and much more. We recognize the contributions of these folks in the Super Heroes program. We’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding some new Super Heroes to our squad. Drumroll, please!

Here’s the latest group of folks who have earned their capes:  

⚡ Montse Anderson
⚡ Matthew Bibby
⚡ Susann Brendgen
⚡ Veronica Budnikas
⚡ Joanne Chen
⚡ Cary Glenn
⚡ Owen Holt
⚡ Holly MacDonald
⚡ Zsolt Olah
⚡ David Tait
⚡ Richard Watson

And, in case you’re curious, here are our returning Super Heroes:

⚡ Paul Alders
⚡ Brian Allen
⚡ Daniel Brigham
⚡ Wendy Farmer
⚡ Steve Flowers
⚡ Bruce Graham
⚡ Matt Guyan
⚡ Stephanie Harnett
⚡ Jeff Kortenbosch
⚡ Linda Lorenzetti 
⚡ Phil Mayor
⚡ Tracy Parish
⚡ Tim Slade
⚡ Mike Taylor
⚡ Kevin Thorn
⚡ Jackie Van Nice
⚡ Gerry Wasiluk
⚡ Nancy Woinoski

Please help us in congratulating them by leaving a comment—and keep an eye out for their contributions in the E-Learning Heroes community.

Our community team regularly recommends new Super Heroes, and we invite new Super Heroes into the program based on their input. To learn more about becoming a Super Hero, check out this article.