Let’s Kick Off Gamification Month with 6 Useful Discussions

Get ready to score big because November is gamification month on E-Learning Heroes! E-learning games are a great way to capture learners’ attention organically with fun activities that they’ll want to complete. But there are tons of approaches to creating e-learning with a game feel, and we know sometimes the topic can feel overwhelming.

This month we’re going to help you power up your e-learning game skills with a series of articles, how-tos, examples, and downloads. You’ll be able to learn what gamification is and how you can incorporate game dynamics in your learning. And you’ll get tons of great examples to help spark your creativity.

Let’s get started by checking out some discussions focused on gamification. We picked some of our favorites so you can learn from the community. Check them out:

Did you find these discussions helpful? Jump into the conversation with your thoughts or start your own discussion on a topic that interests you!

And keep an eye out for more gamification goodies coming your way all month long. We’ll keep updating this post with the links:


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