Any Version of a Word Game (like old Studio Learning Game-Word Quiz) Out There?

Sep 14, 2016


Old versions of Studio used to have 'learning games' including something called Choices and a Word Quiz. That Word Quiz was something like the TV show Jeopardy--you type a letter and, if the hidden word includes that letter, the letter is revealed within the word.

That Word Quiz feature got pulled long ago, but we still find it helpful for creating marketing materials.

I'm wondering if anyone in the User Community has made a Word Game that can be downloaded into current versions of Studio or Storyline 1 (not 2--I don't have that) so I can make a Word Game that has that same, Jeopardy-like functionality.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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Jennifer Sader

The game you are describing sounds more like Wheel of Fortune than Jeopardy to me. It was tricky to find anything in either Storyline 1 or Presenter. Here is a great example of a similar game in Storyline 2.

But after poking around, I found this thread that is old enough that it would have to be Storyline 1 and not 2.  I hope this helps!

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