Articulate Presenter 09, Hyperlinks and Attachments not opening

Nov 16, 2012


I have inserted few hyperlinks (normal) text, not in an image, and a PDF attachment in my articulate course. All the links and attachments are opening on my system when I check through the published output. But no one else can open them when I send all the files to them.. Please advise.

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Shilpee. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

First, you may want to make sure your document name does not have any spaces, or underscores. Spaces and some underscores in file names can cause issues with PDF files. 

How are you linking to the PDF file with the hyperlink? Can you copy and paste the file path for the file, so we can see if it's for the correct directory?

You can also try adding the PDF document as a web object. Here's an article on inserting as a web object.

Thanks, Shilpee! 

Shilpee Singh


Inserting a web object is not an option as we want learners to download and save the file. The path of the PDF that I'm attaching is: C:\Users\ssi115\Desktop\Summary.pdf

And we have  four hyperlinks as well on slides placed as normal text which others are not able to open, but I can.

One of them is:

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Shilpee,

Thanks for getting back to me! 

It sounds like it may be and issue the path that you're using. You're able to see it, because it's launching the original file from your computer, but it's not being added to the presentation for external users. Take a look at this article that explains how to attach a document to Presenter.

Also, here's a quick screencast that might help:

Make sure you're editing the path as Brian explains in the video.

Let me know how it turns out!

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