Bullet points in Notes not aligning in published course

May 31, 2017

Hello everyone. I'm having an issue with Presenter 360 which is driving me batty. In the PowerPoint Notes section, I have bullet points which are correctly aligned and spaced. However, in the published course, the line space disappears, and the indent in wrapped text does not align properly with the text above (see attached screenshots). I have searched in threads on similar issues, but can't seem to find a fix that works.

I'm sure there is a simple fix for this. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Graham and Mariano for reaching out here.

Sorry if you were confused by the update, but we're still fixing issues in Studio and Storyline 360 - some updates may be weighted more heavily to one side based on fixes, enhancements and new features on the roadmap and their priority. 

I can see how this one is difficult to overcome as if you use HTML5 you run into a slightly different issue, so I've clarified that issue with our team and we'll keep you posted here with any other information! 

Mariano Aran

Thanks for the update Ashley.  I understand and I hope bugs (specially not very complex ones like this one) have a priority against new features and improvements.    

It's discouraging to hear other users saying that they waited 3 years for an audio fix in engage as I don't think any bug should wait 3 years to be fixed.  

Anyway, hope this is fixed soon.

Graham Francis

I'm actually astounded with this and NOTES, one of the most important functions especially for the hearing impaired can actually be put behind some other new feature - this is incredible and I think it should be escalated to the highest level.  HTML5 has been around for a while and as Flash is being killed off in every browser it needs to be dealt with.  Forget the Flash fix, get HTML5 right please.  If the programming team respond that this is in a queue behind other items them maybe it's time to give the community a say in what's important to them???

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariano, 

Thanks for understanding. I know how discouraging that can be, but I will say that in my four years with Articulate we've made huge improvements around our process in which we report, track the impact and fix issues. So although there were (and still are) issues that have been around for a bit, that is increasingly less common as we're able to push out more and faster updates using the subscription model. 


Our team in ELH shares the feedback and comments with our team as they work on fixes and new features. It's a balance - but we're listening. It's a small team here at Articulate, but the right people are seeing this type of feedback. Also, you mentioned Flash and I know it's been a hot topic - so I wanted to make sure you knew what we were doing with Flash. 

Katie Riggio

Hi, folks! I wanted to circle back here to let you know that we released another update for Articulate 360 🌟

This update includes a fix for the issue in Studio 360 where bulleted lists did not wrap correctly in the notes panel in HTML5 output.

You can take advantage of this fix by updating your software to the latest version. Many thanks again for letting us know about this, and let us know if you have any other questions!

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