Hangs on Cleaning up Temporary Files

Dec 01, 2016

Any idea why Presenter Studio360, while publishing, hangs when it is cleaning up temporary files?  I had this issue with another course and submitted it to Articulate Support.  This particular project was published earlier without an issue.  Articulate 360 updated and now the project will not publish.

Using Windows 10, PowerPoint 2016, Articulate Studio 360

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I apologize for the delay.  When I travel, there seems to be no time in my schedule for support issues.  I have 4 or 5 cases and not sure which one pertains to this issue.  I think there are two that I have submitted for this issue.  So, I just paid for support and hope an answer is found.  I will continue to pay for support for each of my issues until all are resolved.  Thanks for your concern.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

No apologies necessary - and I can certainly understand how travel interferes with a normal schedule. With a bit of digging based on your comment here about paying for a support conference, I was able to find at least one. Our team is going through the few others you submitted to compile information and then they'll be in touch via email to determine next steps. Please keep an eye out for an email from Support@articulate.com 

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Betsy - I took a look at Keith's case above and it does not look like we were able to replicate the issue he was seeing and tried to follow up with error reports to dig a bit deeper. That being said, I do not have an update to provide and would suggest reaching out to our support engineers here as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Keith - did you submit it as a new case or your previous case with Emily? Just wanted to make sure that if it was a new case we're able to connect it to the work previously done - if you've got the case number hand (it would have been a part of the email confirmation) I can track it down that way! 


Yes, I submitted it as a new case. This is an ongoing issue. I am
re-publishing all my courses to a LMS and keep running into this issue. The
past issues were due to a particular slide or animation. I narrowed down
the issue in this course to the final Quiz. Since you are unable to
reproduce it, then it must be my computer. As before, I am willing to pay
whatever it takes to figure this out. If you are unable to pursue it any
further due to the issue being caused by my computer, please let me know.

As always, thank you for your time and consideration.




Here is what I have found to correct my issue (Publishing freezes upon "Cleaning Temporary files").  I use the side Menu in this particular player in my project.  When I uncheck using the search box for the menu, my project publishes fine.  Not sure if it will work for everyone, but it works for me.

Thank you Articulate for all the support given, within these forms or via email by Karla.  It is much appreciated!

Monique Donahue

I am having this problem too, but I am only using Notes in the sidebar, not a Menu. It publishes fine if I turn off the Notes, but I really need them for this course. Unchecking using the search box is not an option for me (it's grayed out since I'm not using a Menu).

I am about to submit a case for this but hoping someone here has stumbled onto a different solution.

Betsy Fuller

Hi Monique,

Is your PPTX file a long one?  According to the support ticket I have that is still in process, I'm unable to publish on my end possibly because my PPTX file is made up a lot of slides and I was missing some special update for PowerPoint 2016: https://www.articulate.com/support/article/PowerPoint-2016-Crashes-When-Publishing-a-Large-Course-with-Articulate-Presenter.  That being said, I did update PowerPoint 2016 and still have the same issue.  I'm now on to the next set of troubleshooting steps:

1. Uninstall Studio 360
2. Uninstall Microsoft Office
3. Reboot the machine
4. Install Microsoft Office
5. Install Articulate Studio 360
6. Try to test the application and publish the project locally.

I haven't tried this yet, as uninstalling MS Office is not a quick and easy step to take care of when working on a company work machine.  But maybe some of these steps will help you?



Monique Donahue

It is interesting that you mention it might actually be a PowerPoint problem. This reminded me that a few weeks ago I also had trouble printing a different PowerPoint file to PDF in Notes Page view, when printing just the slides to PDF without the notes worked fine. I had forgotten about that, but it lends credence to the fact that PowerPoint 2016, not Articulate, is the problem. My work-around there was to print in batches of 10 slides at a time and then recombine everything into one PDF. It was tedious, but it worked. Obviously I can't do that same type of workaround for an Articulate Presentation.