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Oct 22, 2013

I am wondering if there is a way to create a toggle button that enables the learner to minimize the menu and go full screen. I thought that was available in 09, but can't find it on 13. I know I can hide the menu from individual slides in Slide Properties, but was hoping for a toggle icon on the player. Anyone know? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariann,

I think you're referencing to the toggle button that was a part of the Presenter 09 player, which is no longer included in Presneter 13. You're welcome to submit a feature request about it, and in the meantime, you can remove certain player elements within the individual slides by following this portion of the tutorial included below:

By default, each slide will display the features you've chosen to include in your course player, but you can show or hide the following player features on a slide-by-slide basis, too.

  • Menu
  • Resources
  • Glossary
  • Notes
  • Play/Pause Button
  • Seekbar

To change the player features for an individual slide, do either of the following:

  • Click the Features hyperlink next to any slide thumbnail. It'll toggle between Default and Custom each time you click. Defaultmeans the selected slide will display the same features that are enabled in your course player. Custom means you can modify the player features for the selected slide. When Custom is displayed, use the check boxes in the lower right corner of the window to select the features you want to use.
  • Select any slide thumbnail, and use the Features drop-down in the lower right corner of the window to choose Player Defaults or Custom for the selected slides. When you choose Custom for the selected slides, several check boxes will appear. Mark the ones you want to display for the selected slide.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariann,

The logo is not something that can be set for individual slide properties - if you've enabled it within the Player set up, it will always take up the space on the left sidebar, and you won't be able to have only slide view. Within Presenter 09, there was a toggle view feature within the Player that would allow you to hide all the elements on the sidebar and just only see the slide.  You're welcome to submit a feature request about it. 

Ming-Jen Chiou

Hi, Mariann:

   I am using Articulate presenter 2013 and I have submitted a feature request for a toggle view feature within the player that would allow us to hide all the elements on the sidebar. I also requested that Presenter 2013 should offer a toggle view feature for "presenter video" on the top-left menu to allow a user to display "presenter video" in full screen mode. These toggle features would be very useful to a user who use mobile device to watch video.

I hope you can invite more members in this community to submit these feature request. Thanks for your help.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michael,

You certainly can! :)

In Presenter '13, click on "Player". From here click on "Menu". Select the slide that you'd like to hide and click on the eyeball icon in the lower left-hand corner. The menu item should show in italics, meaning that it's hidden. This will keep the slide, but learners won't see it listed in the menu.

I hope this helps! If not, please let us know.

Graham Francis

Presenter 09 had a feature that allowed you to hit a button on the screen to make the menu disappear, re-appear etc.

It's not here in Presenter 13 and the really important thing to note here was this was a great function for users to use and enabled them to zoom into screens when things we're small, perfect especially on mobile devices. OK, the developer can make decisions on which screens to not display the menu, but this takes it away again from the user.

Think of this scenario (it happens a lot)... A user is watching the screen and reading the notes on the side bar. Then he thinks, I must zoom in and go back over the slide to see things more clearly.. They want to zoom, lose the Notes section (as they have already read that) then listen to the audio and look at the expanded Screen... At any point, they could hit the button to see the notes again... This was a most useful function for all users.

Please can this be included in the next articulate update as our students miss this functionality, it's a shame that when a product is upgraded it gets less useful :(

Regards, Graham

Ruth Negus

I have a question about the Circle Diagram.  I have multiple slides that continue explanations of content for a couple of my Segments.  How would I go about "Branching" elsewhere, either to individual slides in Presenter, or to another Interaction, intending to return to the Circle Diagram when the multiple slides have been viewed?   I hope that this thread is still being monitored. Thanks for any suggestions. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruth!

Yep, still monitored :)

As far as the branching scenario you mentioned, please keep in mind that your Engage interaction is treated as a 'slide' and you could branch to another slide from there, but branching to another presenter slide from specific segments would not be supported.

This tutorial explains the hyper-linking that is available within your interaction if that helps.

Ruth Negus

Thanks, Leslie! I'll work on trying a couple of things. Any other suggestions from the community would be helpful as well.


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Ruth Negus

Leslie,  I handled the branching idea by adding additional Layers and Segments to the Circle Diagram....It's a bit "busy" as I have Six Layers and a total of 19 Segments.... but I think that It does the trick. 

OK....here's a question regarding the Features as described in the thread above:  If I select "Show as Single" or "Show as Separate items" in the main Engage Interaction, will that effect the control of the Features on the individual "Segments/Layers" within my Circle Diagram interaction?  If it does, I think that I may actually be "catching on" to the power of the Interaction!

Thanks for the insight!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruth!

Sounds as if you are asking about the menu options when adding Engage to your Presenter Project?

Depending on how you have your navigation set, that can affect the behavior, but moreso how do you want the material to 'look' in the menu.

Here is some additional information if navigation is your concern:

With the release of Update 3 for Articulate Studio '13, you can now control how the Prev and Next buttons behave for Articulate Engage interactions embedded in Articulate Presenter courses. The navigation buttons can either jump to the previous/next step in the interaction or the previous/next slide in the overall presentation. See this article for details.

Ashley Sharp

Hello Ashley-
I have a similar situation. I am trying to remove the Menu from ALL slides.  The issue seems to be that the published LMS- zip file doesn't recognize my removal of the menu and shows the menu on the first slide anyways.

  • When previewing my menu does not appear. Everything looks great. 
    THEN....I publish and upload to our server and the menu shows up.
  • I have removed the menu from all slides under the slide properties/features AND unchecked it from the Player/Features under the Player Tabs/Sidebar.   
  • I searched my computer for the chance there is a duplicate file its saving to, but it seems this is not the case. All that appear are the basic temp files. 
  • I've deleted/cleared all content related files from the LMS server and from our LMS-SuccessFactors. This process was re-uploaded 7 times. 

Can someone please assist me? I have to be missing SOMETHING. 

Thank you for any help anyone can provide!!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ashley,

Could you share an image of the menu you're seeing? Perhaps there is a built in menu for your LMS? You could confirm by uploading a copy of your published output to another testing platform such as SCORM Cloud which is a free, industry standard for testing LMS content. 

If you're still seeing the issue there, we'll want to take a look at your .story file. 

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