Horribly messed up tables in '13

I've waited so long for an update to Presenter, and I'm still seeing many of the same issues that plagued '09:

Sudden creation of -old.ppta file when opening an existing project for no apparent reason

Messed up published graphics

Mismatch between published results and preview

The third one is the real killer, especially with a large training that takes over an hour to publish.  On my first project with '13 now, Presenter has completely butchered a number of relatively simple tables I have in my slides.  See the attached screenshots.  The kicker is that if I preview these slides, sometimes they show up fine and sometimes they are messed up.  Thus, I have no idea before I start a publish if something I've done will truly fix the problem (not that there should even be a problem with simple Powerpoint tables in the first place).  

Anybody run into this or have a solution?

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julia kirby

I have sent them in before to discover nothing can be done about this ... so now I use the picture and screen shot work around's for everything.  Thank you for offering though.  The bigger issue I'm dealing with is iPad compatibility.  I'm getting a lot of pressure from my company to make our content and LMS compatible with all devices including iPad.  Since Safari does not play slides with audio and synchronized animation when published as HTML5 to Moodlerooms.  I know the other option is to publish as HTML5 with the articulate mobile app, but to do this (and make it compatible with iPad) you must also publish as a tin can api - and moodle does not have this option.  Since this is such a new technology, not many LMS' have this other than SCORM Cloud right now and it's quite pricey to purchase and LRS just for this fix (plus, this adds a ton of complexity).  Do you know of anything I can do to work around this?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Julia,

Unfortunately if you need to use the mobile player and an LMS, as you mentioned you'll likely need to publish as Tin Can API which would need an LMS that supports it as well. Could you look at creating the audio and animations in another program as a video (even record it with Replay or similar) to than insert as a standard MP4 that would play better within the HTML5 output as they wouldn't be separate files? 

Bob McGuire

Just an FYI that I'm running into the same problem.  Currently running update 6.  Tables are randomly messed up between preview and publishing.  (i.e. - No apparent rhyme or reason to which tables are messed up when.  Sometimes fine, other times not.)  Only thing that appears to work is converting my tables to images.


Dan Crowe

I have recently encountered a problem with tables using Presenter '13, with the latest updates installed. Everything looks fine on Preview, but the published presentation sometimes blanks the data in the table, and sometimes not. I have had two instances of this occurring, and both times I recreated the table on the slide & republished, and that fixed it. However, it is inconvenient and time-consuming to have to do so. I am skeptical that the bug has been fixed, but since Studio has some issue with tables, perhaps Articulate engineers can offer some best practices that will help avoid such errors?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out here. I took a look at a few of the previous cases mentioned as a part of this thread and it seems that some of them were associated with a previous update of Presenter 13 that caused issues with tables/charts on a slide - and for the other ones it wasn't reproducible. You mentioned that recreating the table allowed for it to work normally - did you confirm that you were working on project files as described here?  Also, if you'd like to share a Presenter package with us, we're happy to take a look at your files and you can post them here or send along to our team here. 

Dan Crowe

Hi Ashley, thanks for the quick reply. In reply to your questions, yes, I always work locally, although I nearly always save a backup of my work to a network drive. I mention that because on more than one occasion I have had to use those backup files to revert after experimenting with something. That generally requires deleting temp files, in a process I obtained from the Articulate help desk, aimed at preserving the ppta file contents.

I doubt you'd find the Presenter package I would be able to send very helpful; when I recreated the table, I did not make a backup (working under deadline), and the table displays just fine now. If it happens again I'll be sure to save and share a copy to help your engineers ferret out a solution.

Ashley Terwilliger

Backing up to a network drive is ok and you'll just wnat to make sure you download and open the files locally. Please feel free to keep us posted if it occurs again, and when you're able to share the file also send along the steps you may have taken just before you see the odd table behavior so that our team can try and reproduce. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joan,

This thread is a bit older, and as you'll see I previously mentioned some general guidelines for working on your Presenter files and best practices to go through to resolve odd or erratic behavior. You'll also want to ensure you're on the latest update of Presenter, Update 7 available here. 

Mairsile Hourihane

I am using Studio 13, Update 7 (1509.1618) and I frequently encounter this tables problem.  Using images is not really an option as the figures in our courses changes regularly.

It's extremely frustrating and a time drain to re-create each table and republish.

A real solution would be great.

Mairsile Hourihane

Due to client confidentiality I can't send the presenter package.  But I can give you a few details. 

- It a very basic Powerpoint 13 presentation, with a background slide image, some text in bullet points and a table with a voice-over. 

- The text and the table are animated on to the screen in synch with the audio.

- I am running Windows 10.

- I republished the presentation again this morning without making any changes.   I left it running in the foreground  without doing any other tasks while it was publishing.  (I would usually check my mails and update some project documentation while it was running, as it takes a while).  The tables now display without error. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Danielli,

Did you go through the steps previously shared in terms of repairing your version of Studio '13? As I stated above:

Looking back through this thread is seems to be inconsistent in terms of ability to reproduce it. If you'd like to share a copy of your Presenter package either here in the forums or with our Support Engineers we'd be happy to take a look. 

If you'd also like to share a copy of your file we'd be happy to take a look.