Issue with synching animations and narration

Apr 15, 2013

Hi --

I'm having extreme difficulty having my synching of animations and audio narration saving on each screen.  It will save for 1 or 2 screens, then the next one, after I complete the synch and play it back, it doesn't save the work that I just completed.

I thought it was an issue with the Studio 09 upgrade, so I had that re-installed.  Same problem; I then re-installed my original Studio package,thinking there's a "new bug" with the Upgrade.  But the same issue is continuing.

Any suggestions to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.

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Dwayne Schamp

As for myself, I open the audio in a separate program (Audicity will work), and play till i need to animate something. I then pause the audio and get the timing listed, then set that as the timing in the animation. This way, I can add wiggle room either before or after the point where the animation needs to be in case I need some time for the animation to complete and the next one to start.  If you need to add some time in the audio, no worries. As you can reload the audio and your animations will not be affected as they are, as you say, separate.

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