MP4 Video inserted as Flash Movie is cropping video a bit

Feb 10, 2014

Good afternoon,

I am using Presenter 09.  I have recorded webinars (audio and visual) in WebEx.  WebEx produces  the recordings as an ARF file.  I have converted the ARF file into an MP4 format.  Upon viewing the MP4, all looks good.  When I import it using the Flash Movie feature and both preview and publish it, the initially it looks good but when the we transition from the powerpoint slide into and a system demonstration - the left and right is cropped about a half inch.  I've tried messing with the presentation template options but haven't been able to find a setting that fixes this.  My thinking is that maybe the entire video is cropped but we can't initially tell because of the expanse of border on the powerpoint and when we move to the system demonstration and the furthest left tab is cropped it is much more obvious.  Any ideas?


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Christina Davis-Luczak

My apologies.  The Articulate file is being loaded into our LMS (Cornerstone).   The actual video recording being imported is of a webinar where a powerpoint is used to kick it off and then the facilitator begins demonstrating step by step actions in a technical system.  When the video gets to the technical system demonstration it is noticeable that there is a half inch of so missing on the left and right borders within the viewing pane. 

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