No "Manage Presenters" and other issues in '13 Free Trial eval

Oct 15, 2013

I hope someone can help.  I'm reviewing a PowerPoint 2010 file in the Presenter '13 Free Trial that I had published in Presenter '09 successfully with a customized player and presenter logo/bio/email info.  I need to see/test the '13 features and functions but I'm having trouble doing so in a couple of instances so far.

I can't access the new "Manage Presenters" screens.  I've tried doing so with the "None" link in the Slide Properties window next to "Presenter:".  I've also tried using the "Library" button and receive the same error message that "...something went wrong..." and "...Articulate might close."

Any ideas why I can't access the "Manage Presenters" options?

I should also mention that there are no options showing in the Player Properties the Player Tabs section...under Topbar Left.  Seems that's where the Presenter options should be, but nothing.

Lastly, I don't see in the Colors and Effects window, an option to change text color for the Notes tab's content.  Currently the Notes text is black on a nearly black background (because the Black color scheme is the basis for the current player).  Where do I change the text color for notes?

I'm hoping everything else in '13 goes smoothly.  Thanks for any help you Heroes can provide.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi George,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having with Presenter 13, but a few things I wanted to share with you. 

The management of Presenters can be accessed via the Slide Properties as described in this tutorial.  Since it seems to be causing you an error, I'd want to confirm that the project files you're working with are on your local drive and that you've followed the directions here to install Presenter. 

I'm not sure what Presenter options you're looking for within the Topbar left section - but that is where you could move items to appear within your player such as the Resources, Glossary, etc. Within the Player properties window, you'll be able to edit and update all of the following sections (tutorials included for each): 

Choosing Player Features

Customizing the Player Menu

Attaching Resources to the Player

Adding a Glossary to the Player

Displaying Notes in the Player

Changing the Player Colors and Font

Changing the Player's Text Labels

Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size

Changing the Player's Resume Behavior

Enabling Right-to-Left Language Support

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts, Seeking, and Looping

Setting the Quiz Timer Format

Saving Your Player or Switching to a Different One

To format your Notes tab,  and make them look the way you want, use PowerPoint's Font and Paragraph formatting options on the Home tab.

You may not be able to actually see all your changes in PowerPoint's notes pane, such as font and color selections, but they'll show up when you publish with Presenter.

Another way to format your notes in PowerPoint and see all the changes is to go to the View tab and click Notes Page. Then use the same Font and Paragraph formatting options shown above.

George Briggs

Hi Ashley...and thanks for the info and the links!

Changing the font color in PPT works as you mentioned.  Unfortunately, for white text in Articulate, I then also have to change the fill color of the text box on PPT's Notes Page or the notes are invisible.  Printing Notes Pages then looks aweful.  A simple text color change option in Articulate for Notes text (as there is for other text) would prevent all the additional jockeying in PPT.

I wasn't aware that the up/down arrows could move items between the dedicated Player Tabs sections (Topbar Left, Topbar Right, etc.)  That's cleared up...thanks.

I need more clarification regarding "local drive."  I installed to the C: drive.  My project is an another local drive (D) .   Is that a potential problem?  It's not a netword or external drive.  It's a local, internal hard drive that I use for project files.  I prefer to keep data and project files on a separate drive from the OS.

As for the Manage Presenter issue, I did the following.  Without ever being able to access the Manage Presenters window, and never seeing my '09 project's presenter in the interface when using the Preview This Slide option, I published the file.  The presenter appeared in the published file, though the Bio text formatting is incorrect.

Back in the project, the Slide Properties winidow still shows "None" as the Presenter on each slide and in the panel on the right.  However, clicking the "None" opens a menu where the correct presenter is listed along with Manage Presenters.  If I click Manage Presenters the following error window appears, as it did before.  It also appears if I click the Library button.

Any ideas as to why I continue to get this message?

The only step you (or your links) mention that I haven't done exactly is initiating the installation.  I saved and ran the .exe file and said "Yes" when prompted by User Account Control to allow changes to be made to the system.  I didn't right-click the .exe file and choose "Run as administrator."  My current log in is an Administrator account on the system.

Is this an issue?  Do I need to re-install choosing the "Run as administrator" option from the right-click menu?

Thanks for your help an patience!


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