Presenter 360 - Course plays, but timeline freezes when not active window.

Dec 22, 2017

Is there a known issue where if the course is not the active window (e.g. someone multi-tasking and just listening to course in background), the course continues to play, but the timeline freezes.  I'm noticing that this happens with a couple Presenter 360 courses. The navigation is locked, so even though the audio is finished, when I bring the course back as the active window, I have to wait in silence until the timeline catches back up.

I don't condone learners playing course in background, but at the same time, this doesn't seem like expected course behavior.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeffrey, I'm happy to help! 

First, are you on the latest update of Studio 360? To check, click the Articulate tab, then Help and Support, then About Articulate Presenter. You should see 8.11.14249.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

If you haven't downloaded the latest update yet, go ahead and do that now. Then, republish your file and let me know if the audio pauses when you open a new browser tab.

I'll be standing by!

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