Presenter modules not reporting as complete in Cornerstone

Hi - have a client that uses Cornerstone and our courses are not reporting as passed even though learners have a passing score on the quiz. The courses work fine in our LMS and for other customers that use Cornerstone.

The client asked Cornerstone about this and they say everything is fine on their end.

Any idea on how to fix?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Steve!  Happy to help unravel the mystery, here.

  • Do you know if your clients' learners are all accessing the course on the same browser?  Is there a mobile app that your client uses with Cornerstone?
  • Also, let me know the setup for your course:  Does the completion require a passing score on a quiz? 
  • What version of SCORM are you using?

If you'd like to share one of the files here for our troubleshooting, we can take a look!  Although, it sounds like you've already compared the same courses in your own LMS.  We typically use SCORM Cloud to get a baseline of course performance in an LMS environment.

Steve Jones

1) not sure if they all use the same browser,  but the majority use IE11.  Do not use mobile app.

2)   Completion requires passing a quiz. Even when the quiz is passed, the LMS does not show as completed.

3) SCORM 1.2

It works on our LMS, other clients who use Cornerstone, and in SCORM cloud. Just not for this one client.

Thanks, Steve.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve, 

It can be really tricky to narrow this down further, especially when you're not able to replicate yourself or in other instances of Cornerstone. 

Next time you hear a report about this, I'd ask for more details on the specific learner's browser, version and what they did before closing the course and after completing it. That may be just the detail you need.  We'll also be standing by – and if we can find a trend, that will help us nail down what’s going on here!