Problem Publishing Presenter '09 Project in Saba

Jun 19, 2012

I published a project in Presenter '09 that runs great on its own. However, when we try to launch it from our Saba Enterprise 5.5 SP2 LMS,  the player launches but it stops at that point - no content appears.

Saba has been contacted, which sent us some changes to make to our Presenter  template settings. I made the changes and republished, but it  made no difference.

Any ideas?


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Gerry Caesar

Thank you very much for the helpful reply, Peter.

I've forwarded the troubleshooting link to our LMS admin. Between that and talking with the people at Saba, hopefully we'll get this figured out quickly.

The people from Saba had us make sure the Player Templates >  Player Controls > Miscellaneous  > "Prompt to resume on presentation restart" and "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" settings were checked. Also that the Player Templates > Other > Browser size was set to "Display at user's current browser size", the Presentation size is "Scale presentation to fill browser window", and "Launch presentation in new window (creates launch page)" is unchecked.

Thanks again,


Peter Anderson

Maxim Sergeev said:

Peter, thanks for quick response!

Run through SCORM Cloud. It works.

Link to debug log:

As I understand the issue is in client's LMS, right?

Yeah, it does sound like it's probably something that needs to be addressed on the LMS side. Have you had a chance to communicate with them yet?

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