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Jan 20, 2014

I'm not sure if this is an Articulate issue, or something from Plateau/Success Factors, but here goes.

I'm publishing my Articulate 2013 course in SCORM 2004 v2 for deployment on our Plateau LMS.  When the course is launched, it comes up in a "wrapper" with a set of control buttons (Suspend, Continue, Exit).  Is this something from Articulate, and if so, how can I manage it?  At the very least, I need to edit those buttons because the naming is not at all intuitive. 

I don't see any place within the Articulate tool to control this, although I am seeing some possible connection in the manifest file. 


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Jakub Forejt

Thanks to all for contribution to this thread! We are still having issue with SF navigation bar too. Strangely enough, Storyline contents have the buttons hidden without any intervention into xml files. Blank navigation bar is still displayed though. 

With Rise contents, no matter what we adjust in imsmanifest.xml, the buttons are still present. We applied all the suggestions from this thread with no success in SuccessFactors :-)

Melanie Brooks

I can't see the previous threads, but we have the same setup (Rise, SF), and this is the code we input into the manifest file. It works consistently for us to totally remove the buttons and ensure there is not an upload error. 


  1. Check if the identifier “xmlns:adlnav= "" is part of the manifest. If not, add it. 

If missing, add this:


  1. Next, add the following text just below the SECOND <title> XXXXX </title>: