Very bad output to Presenter/Previewing slide from PowerPoint 2010


I developed a black and white electrical schematic using black lines, rectangles and triangles in PowerPoint 2010. There are a few simple animations such as switches closing, etc. In PowerPoint the schematic is sharp and neat. When I preview it in Presenter it looks horrible. The lines are jagged and overlapping as if it were drawn by hand.

Can you help, please? Thanks.


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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Jeffrey.

In order to determine what's causing the problem, can you please send your course to an Articulate Presenter Package and upload it as part of a Support Case?  In the Comments field, include the slide numbers where the issue occurs. Please be as detailed as possible with your description.

We will attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload.  Thanks!

Steve Gannon

Hi Jeff,

I wonder if this might be the problem. I have had to develop electrical schematics with Presenter and had to address this either using the suggestions in that support document (the results are often less than ideal) or save each of the lines as a graphic and reimport them. Very time consuming.