WAV Files Not Uploading into Articulate Presenter 13

Apr 19, 2016

Hi. I'm an Articulate 13 novice, so please forgive any obvious issues/questions.

I have been trying to add WAV sound files to my Articulate 13 module, and they do not upload. I follow the upload procedures provided by the Articulate Community, and the sound files appear to upload, but then do not remain embedded in the slide.

To the best of my knowledge (since someone else is recording the sound files), I am using 16 bit 44 KHZ PCM WAV files.

Can anyone provide any troubleshooting tips?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Joel!

Sounds like you are saying you are adding audio as explained here. WAV files should be supported as indicated in the same documentation.

If you are finding that your audio is missing, I would invite you to check out this article for some common reasons and solutions.

Would you be able to share your Articulate Package for us to take a look if this doesn't assist?

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