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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jeff!

Sorry that you ran into an issue with this. I have seen something mentioned previously here, but I did not hear back from the user.

I do like the idea that you're sharing in that recording though :)

Curious if you are utilizing a higher DPI on your machine or Windows 7 as the link above explains?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for sharing the video. I watched it throughout and saw the mouse pointer appear where I'd expect (such as when you're moving the picture around - it appeared connected to the picture, or clicking on the blur effects and it appeared there too). 

Could you pinpoint a timestamp I could look at specifically where those items are disconnected? Also I view your Review link in Chrome for OS, did you view it in a different browser?

Jeff Kortenbosch

Hey Ashley, a good example is around 52 seconds. I state to click the Format tab but the mouse is over the Review tab.  Right after that I go to Artistic effects but the mouse pointer is actually beside the actual button. Then when selecting blur the mouse pointer is only halfway. 

I guess you might not notice as I mention what it is I am doing but if you look closely it's completely off.

Leslie, I'm running Windows 10 at 1920x1080 resolution. Could that be an issue?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeff,

Glad to hear that worked for you. The DPI setting is one that caused odd behavior in earlier versions of Storyline and Replay, and something that our team has been improving to allow for high resolution monitors. So it may be in line with the development of that feature. Since Leslie had that other thread handy, I'll use both to report it to our team and leave it in their hands to say feature or bug. 

Nikki May

I'm so glad to have found this article as I was almost ready to cry yesterday when I could not work out why my screen recordings in Replay were suddenly so grainy and poor quality compared with my previous attempts. I even tried re-recording my screen in Storyline then publishing and importing the MP4 file into Replay to see if this would fix the issue - but to no avail! I haven't been using Replay for long and hadn't changed my screen resolution recently to the best of my knowledge, but after re-recording this morning it does seem to have fixed my issue - thank you!

Caty Illingworth

I am now having this problem. One of two things happens. 

The curser is not in line with what I am doing 

Then I change the display settings and the recorder doesn't stay within the boundaries I set and records a way larger screen size than is required. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Caty,

After you changed the display setting did you reboot your computer (and/or Storyline)? I'd suggest taking that extra set to ensure everything is reset as needed and then try recording again.

If you find yourself stuck again, please let me know what version of Storyline, Windows, and what your DPI and resolution are. 

Paul Morley

The problem with adjusting resolution is that changes how the whole display looks ... So everything looks huge because the resolution does not match "best settings" for my display. It's an unprofessional looking workaround for me and I've had to download other screen recording software.

Reagan Morris

Recorded something with Peek last week and noticed the mouse pointer was where it was expected. Re-recorded the same thing today with Replay only to find this issue with the mouse pointer. How is it that one piece of Articulate software gets it right, but another doesn't? I was recording the same thing, with the same device, at the same resolution. The only difference being which software I was using. I was hoping to utilise the editing features of Replay, but might have to revert to Peek and use Premiere Pro for the editing.

Dayle Kozlowski

I am having this issue every time I use Replay.  My PC resolution is 1920 x 1080 and I tried reducing it to the levels in the above discussion list but then Replay was recording multiple windows.  How can I get the mouse to be recorded in the correct location with the preferred resolution on my PC?  Any help would be appreciated.