Ability to Hide a Hotspot?


Is there a way to disable/hide a hotspot with triggers? I have a mouse hover function built into an icon, that shows a highlighted state when you hover your mouse over that icon.

so far, so good....

 I also have a variable that marks that same icon as completed when a learner completes the quiz for that section, which changes that state again and gives a visual indication on the same icon.

Now the problem...

The problem is, the mouse hover function still works after the section has been completed, and it removes the "completed" visual indicator on that icon.

Any ideas on how to structure this, or hide a hotspot? Thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katrin

try replacing the hotspot with a shape. Format the shape so that it has a fill colour (any colour) and set it to 100% transparency. I find it easier to use triggers on a shape than a hotspot. If you're still having trouble upload your story file and I'm sure someone can help you.

Walt Hamilton


What I did was create a second shape identical to the first. (I agree with Wendy; shapes and text boxes are so much more flexible than hotspots and buttons.)

I gave it a different color and text and made its initial state hidden.

When the timeline starts, change the state to normal if the variable (which you already have) shows the section complete. Since it covers the original, the original hover doesn't fire. I even go so far as to put a hover state on the completed shape, so when the section is not complete, the user sees one button with a hover indicator, and a different one when it is complete.

One caveat: make the top shape visible when the timeline starts, don't try to do it when variable = complete.  Make it visible when the timeline starts if the variable = complete.