Adding condition to trigger causing SL360 to crash

I am trying to add a condition to a button trigger that requires two of the four responses are selected. When I select the + if pulldown and then select the "Object" tab, the program crashes and I get an error message to send a report of what I was doing. I need the conditions to be based on buttons being "Selected." Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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Becca Levan

Oh no, Barry, I'm sorry you're hitting this roadblock! 

Does this only happen in one specific file? If so, try to import the file into a new one to see if that fixes things. 

If you see this happen in every file, I'd recommend conducting a quick repair of Storyline 360

If you continue to experience the same crash, connect with one of our support engineers here, and someone will reach out with the next step shortly after!

Becca Levan

I appreciate you giving those troubleshooting steps a shot, Barry, and I'm sorry it didn't resolve your issue. 

I see a few other folks are experiencing this frustrating behavior, and unfortunately, our support team is having difficulty replicating it. While not an ideal solution, Joseph mentions that using the keyboard arrow keys to get to the “Object” option has worked for him.

From here, I'd love it if you could help us troubleshoot by working 1:1 with one of our support engineers, so I've opened a case on your behalf. If possible, could you share your file so our team can dig in deeper? Someone will reach out shortly after with the next step.

I understand that this is slowing you down, Barry, and I appreciate you keeping at this!

Barry Hollembeak

I sent it over. Not real sure my sending a slide over is really going to provide any info for them since they can make their own slide and just try it. Just make a slide with three or four check box inputs and a button that when clicked will show another layer if the specified check boxes are selected. Like Joseph, I am able to arrow over to the "Objects" tab and it does not lock up. It is when I use the mouse to click on the tab that the crash happens.

Barry Hollembeak

This issue is not going to make me switch programs, it is just very inconvenient to have a program crash and then needing to go back and make sure all your work up to that point was recovered.

So Carlo Manaloto says he cannot reproduce the issue. To answer one of his questions, yes the file is on a local drive. This seems to be the "go to" first response to every issue. I knew it was not a file issue, it is an issue within SL code. It is odd that, as far as I have experienced, mouse clicking on the "Objects" tab causes this yet I can use mouse clicks anywhere else in the program.

Arrowing over to the tab is a workaround; however, since the mouse click is a habit I often end up crashing the program because I forgot to arrow over. I am just using variables now instead, a little more work but it beats the chance of loosing work due to a crash.

Linda Davis

This has been happening to me as well, for months, and it's just insanely frustrating. I'm having to code work-arounds because it happens. Every. Single. Time. I'm in version 3.53.25436.0. I don't have admin rights on my corporate PC to uninstall/reinstall as part of your debugging - is there a solution in place yet? I'm using Windows 10 and am accessing files on my local C:. Has this been resolved in a later version than the one I have loaded? 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Linda!

I understand how that would be frustrating! We are currently on Storyline 360 (Build 3.57.26476.0), so the first step is to update to the latest version of Storyline 360.

If you're still seeing this in the latest version, we'll need to bring in our Support Engineers for additional troubleshooting. You can reach their team directly in a support case.

Linda Davis

Hi Lauren. Thanks for the reply. I updated Articulate360 last week, and my SL360 is now sitting on 3.57.26407.0 - and the error persists. I will contact our tech support desk to see if they can push the update (there is a lengthy vetting process here, so it may not be "approved" yet). Thanks for the help! Linda

Linda Davis

Hi Leslie. I reached out to our q/a team who vetted the latest version. They installed it this morning (yay). At first, it appeared the fix didn't work, because the same error was happening - but I was trying to create the logic in a SL course from the previous version (it generated the same error). In an effort to send your team a .story file that wasn't proprietary to our work, I created a NEW *.story file with a single slide and when I went to add the conditional logic, it worked fine. So I am thinking I might need to open my older files, save as the newer version and then attempt the logic updates. Either way, creating a new *.story file in the new version resolved the issue. My thanks to you and your team for helping us! Be well.