Announcing Storyline 2 Update 5

May 07, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Storyline 2 Update 5 is now available. This update makes it easier to create accessible e-learning content, improves HTML5 performance, and of course squashes lots of bugs. Read all about it now (or just jump over to the update page).



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Tina Brown

I had the oddest thing happen after installing the update.  When I opened up a module that I was working on before the update, the background of the Notes section of all my slides turned purple.  It's a custom purple that I've been using in my module, but I definitely didn't apply it to my entire presentation.  Anyone know how to switch it back to white with black text?

Tina Brown

Yes, it seems so.  I was using purple as the background color on my Menu and Resources tabs.  If I change the color of the Menu background, I can correct it.  If there's a way to use different colors for Notes and the tabs, definitely let me know.  Otherwise, I'll make it work.  Thanks for your quick response.

Kevin Thorn

I may be misunderstanding, but according to the release notes what you're seeing is by design as a new feature.

"Added feature to show the player background color and the default notes color in the Storyline notes panel, so content authors can see how their notes will look in their published output."

See all release notes here (the above is the 7th bullet):

david mckisick

Can someone please help me out with figuring out these new accessibility features, how they work, and how I can test them?

I also noticed now that when tabbing around a published file that the Enter key no longer seems to work. I used to be able to tab to the NEXT button and hit the Enter key and the slide would advance. Now it doesn't.

Edit: I should clarify to say that the tab functionality does not seem to function as expected when running a published output file locally. It does seem to work when I upload it to Articulate Tempshare.

david mckisick

Hey Ashley. The published output seemed to work OK when I uploaded it to Tempshare. It just would not work when I tested it locally off my hard drive.

I stumbled across a pretty good tutorial on the new accessibility features of Update five here -

Didn't see that mentioned in the original announcement, but maybe I missed something.

Joe Waddington

This new patch seems to have broken all my right-click interactions. I see from previous posts that right-click interactions have been tricky at best, but I haven't had a problem until now.  The interaction is not working at all - in preview or publish mode. I've tried multiple browsers, with the same results.

I then gave the file to a co-worker who has not patched yet, and all the interactions worked fine. This leads me to believe its this patch.... HELP!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joe, 

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've run into. I haven't done the update myself yet, so if you'd like to share it here with us we're happy to check it and than I could also share it with my colleagues who have done Update 5 to see how that behaves for them as well. You mentioned you see it in preview/publish - and I'd also want to confirm that you were testing the published output within the intended publish environment. 

Vicki Frucci

I have tried to get the update and after it finishes 'running' the download, it comes up with an error code and says the download failed.  Error code 80070652.  I've tried from scratch at least 6 or  7 times.  It goes through everything and seems to be downloading, and then I get the attached message.  Anyone else had this problem or know what I might try?  Thanks.

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