Announcing Storyline 2 Update 5

May 07, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Storyline 2 Update 5 is now available. This update makes it easier to create accessible e-learning content, improves HTML5 performance, and of course squashes lots of bugs. Read all about it now (or just jump over to the update page).



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Pete Herman

Hello.  I'm having a problem where object states I've created in the Master Slide view now appear in Edit States as little icons at the bottom instead of bigger versions of the object.  I also find that the hover state seems to cover up my text, or perhaps change it to the same color as the fill color for the text box, which hides it.  I can't reverse so I'm trying to re-download version 2:5.  Any other ideas?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pete, 

Could you share a .story file here as a sample of what you've set up and the behavior you're seeing? Also, you may want to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here.  If you think you need to conduct a repair of Storyline if you're only seeing this as a part of Update 5 you can follow the steps here. 

Pete Herman

Hi Ashley:

Yes, I'm working on local files and I did the uninstall/reinstall. I just figured out that when I change the orientation of the text in the text boxes to 270 degrees, this is when it shrinks the states view to small. However, it seems solved (doesn't hide the text) if I change the orientation of the shape, rather than changing the orientation of the text box. It seems like a small distinction, but both options are available, and the shape option worked.

Thank you!


Marty King

Having problems with the new update. How can I revert back to the previous version? I have a ticket open now where the graphics in the layer are not appearing and yes they are turned on.  This course is a converted SL1 course.  The same slide in SL1 works fine.  I've created a new file and imported all the slides and the problem continues.  I find the new version to be buggy.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Jeff. My name is Justin Wilcox and I am the Director of Technical Support here at Articulate. I apologize for the difficulty here. Our Customer Support Manager, Justin Grenier, did contact you via your case and provided you with some suggestions. I will be reviewing your case and speaking with our Quality Assurance team regarding your issues today and I'll let you know what I find out. 

Jonathon Casterline

I had the same thing happen. I understand that I can go to the player options and adjust the "menu background color" to white to get the notes background changed back to white. I however would like the menu background color to remain as I had it prior to the update and have the notes display with a white background with black text as I originally had in my course prior to the update? Is there a way to independently adjust the background colors? 


Also the font style "auto changed" to the menu font for the text in the notes?????

I don't see how this is an "enhancement"?

Jonathon Casterline

I understand that the type can be changed and formatted. The issue is that the background color cannot be changed independently of the menu background color. So that I can continue to use the template/format that I had prior to the update (that is used in multiple courses).

If an update/enhancement is requested and made that is great, but why take away the option to make the background white, as it was before? The Menu and Notes background color should be independent... many users use the notes area for their voice over text and need it to be white background and black text (e.g. when you publish as a Word output to print it, or to review content in meetings, print out to do a read, etc.).

Adding features is great and i'm all for it, but don't take away features in spite of adding others. This enhancement for some is now a de-hancement for others. 

Thank you.

note: i'm am OK with the colors being represented in the preview window so you can "see what it will look like" I'm referring to the colors in the display at the bottom of the screen where you type the text in (Timeline, States, Notes area along the bottom of the screen). (i.e. the same reason you wouldn't make the timeline and status windows background colors change as it makes the text hard to read).


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Silvia,

We don't keep a previous update link accessible as the newest update includes the bug fixes and new features - but if there is something that doesn't work in the latest update, we'd want to have you connect with our  Support team so that we can document it and report to QA and then we'll be able to look at providing a link to a previous update. 

Christian King

I understand the need to keep every user on the same stable release version for support purposes and the reluctance to provide previous versions of the software to users, but it can be easily misconstrued as "unhelpful" or "poor customer service". I would argue this update thread has been rather derailed into such an example. What I propose is to create a download option for previous versions of the software but request customers add a reason and contact information so the devs can still address the issues and provide an updated fix..without the customer being stuck in no mans land with broken software. I have submitted a feature request for this idea...

Marty King

I agree Christian. I just received confirmation last week that the problem I was having with  converting a Storyline 1 course is a bug.  The images on layers are not appearing.  We have many older courses in Storyline 1 that we are planning to convert to Storyline 2 to update and take advantage of the new features.  I spent unnecessary hours finding and recreating the layers to fix the problem. 

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