Announcing Storyline 2 Update 5

May 07, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm pleased to announce that Storyline 2 Update 5 is now available. This update makes it easier to create accessible e-learning content, improves HTML5 performance, and of course squashes lots of bugs. Read all about it now (or just jump over to the update page).



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Gem Austria

I usually make sure I make a daily backup of all the work I've done for the day on a network backup drive and even go so far as saving as a different version the more I progress in case the current one I am working on somehow corrupts. But I never work on a project over the network itself on any compositing video or graphics software application project. Not good to do at all!

After the project file is signed off and approved and published, I get rid of all but the latest two versions and then archive it in a shared network drive that is auto-backed up on a remote server so when it's time to update it, I know exactly where the latest version is located. I then delete old projects on my local to constantly free us space locally.

Christian King

Thanks Ashley, the issue has been submitted already after I posted about it. I also put in a feature request. Probably should update that page you mentioned under "Quiz: Submit interaction" so that it adds... if using a numeric quiz type, submits when user enters a value and clicks submit, but not when automatically submitted by a trigger.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Christian for submitting the feature.

Tara, have you already connected with our Support team? Installation issues tend to be a bit tricky to figure out in the forums. 

I haven't seen any odd behavior with add animations - but since you can delete the text box and recreate it, I'm curious if it's file specific. Have you looked at ensuring the .story file is being worked on following the guidelines outlined here?  You could also look at importing it into a new file as described here. 

Tara Shields

Hi Ashley - I have connected with the support team who sent me some things to try. None of them worked and I was then referred to my company IT team to work with them. That has not worked either. I'm feeling pretty frustrated as I have a lot of work to do and I was so excited to be able to upgrade to the new version. I don't want to have to go back to Storyline 1. :(

Kelley Miller

One of the fixes in the update was related to an issue where the topbar player tabs were vertically misaligned in HTML5 output. This seems to be fixed, but I have noticed a new issue. In the Flash output, there are some vertical bars between the player tabs in the top right-hand corner. In HTML5 output, these vertical bars are pushed up to the edge of the player window. See attached screen shot.

Also, the fonts on player buttons and other text published as HTML5 does not look as good as Flash output. In HTML5 output, the Next and Back buttons text is bold and fuzzy (it actually looks pretty bad in Chrome on our store's computers; the screen shot was taken on my computer in Chrome and not as bad). I didn't see this addressed in the update, but it just doesn't look as clean and crisp as the Flash output. Unfortunately we cannot run anything Flash on our store's computers. Probably just the way it is for HTML5, but I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Kelley,

Thanks for reaching out here - in regards to the tab line, I do see that in HTML5 it was originally missing and was added in as a part of Update 5. So you're seeing this issue within Update 5? We'd be happy to take a look at how you've set up your player and then see if we need to share with our QA team for further review. 

In regards to the font crispness, I do typically notice a difference from HTML5 and Flash, and it's based on how the different outputs are rendered in the screen so there isn't much that can be done about it. 

Kelley Miller

Ashley, before the update, the tabs did not line up vertically (the Exit button was higher up than the Resources and Menu tabs). After the update, the tabs line up vertically, but the bars that appear between the tabs are now pushed up to the edge of the player window (look at the difference between the Flash and HTML5 versions on the screen shot I attached earlier). It's better than before, and I don't think anyone will notice the bars are not in the right place except me, but something is still broken.

I have basically decided that there is nothing that can be done about the way the button text is rendered. As with the above issue, it's probably just a problem with HTML5. I really wish that we didn't have to use HTML5, but there is no way around it here. More than anything I really wanted to confirm that other people are seeing the same issue in Chrome with HTML5 to make sure that it was not an issue with our store computers.

After years of trying, we finally found a solution that would allow us to stop using Authorware to create content for our stores (long story). We are currently rebuilding every bit of our store's content in Storyline 2. This project has such high visibility in the company that I just want it to dazzle. The HTML5 output is less than dazzling, so I'm just grasping at any tiny improvements that I can make.


Christian King

I have also had similar problems with HTML5 text posiitioning (not related to this storyline patch), there was a thread in the forums awhile back which talked about how Flash and HTML5  manage text differently. Looking at your screenshot it's hard to tell, but are there dividers using text "|" You could try replacing with vector line objects and see if that fixes it. I would also consider rasterising or vectorising your buttons complete with text on them, instead of using the inbuilt Storyline buttons. It would be the only way to ensure that the Flash and HTML5 versions look identical.

To be honest there is always going to be some kind of tradeoff between Flash and HTML5 functionaility, and most users aren't even going to notice the issues that designers hone in on!

david mckisick

Anyone else experiencing issues with mouseover triggers not working right after Update 5?

This is what happens now for me. Have a look at the test file here uploaded to Articulate Tempshare. Move your mouse anywhere near the left edge.

Just as an aside, I tested this file using right-click triggers as well, and they also fail to work properly. It seems the only way I can get click triggers to work at all anymore is by using only the left-click option.

Support case #: 00559204

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelley,

I've been taking a look at this in my own files, and I don't see the movement of the lines as shown here (just a one slide HTML5 publish for web)- so I'm curious what other elements are in your player so that I could see if there is anything interfering with it?  Could you share a link to the course or file? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

I see that you were working with Jayem and he shared the following:

I understand that the mouse over trigger in your project is not working as expected after upgrading to Update 5. I tested the project you sent and was able to reproduce the issue. After reviewing your project, I believe this is the expected behavior because of the following conditions: 

1. The "Show layer when the user hovers..." trigger has the "Restore on mouse leave" option enabled 2. The layer that opens up covers the hotspot

Since the layer covers up the hotspot where the mouse over trigger is called, the "restore on mouse leave" option took effect, which hides the layer. Doing so calls the "Show layer" trigger again since the mouse is still on the hotspot, which creates the loop.

To correct this, I suggest disabling the "Restore on mouse leave" option for the trigger then add another hotspot to hide the layer.

It looks like he also shared a new copy of your project file. 

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