Audio Issues when viewing in Chrome

Apr 04, 2017

Hey guys,

I'm trying to send out a test course for a client to make sure certain things work in their LMS. I added in an mp3 file to make sure audio is working correctly.

The audio, when previewed in SL works fine. When I publish and view the HTML5 file in Safari, the audio works fine. When I view the .html version in Chrome, the audio won't work.

- I've tested it in Scorm Cloud on both Safari and Chrome and have the exact same issues.
- Chrome and SL are up to date.
- I've even tested other audio clips to double check it wasn't an issue with the audio file.
- The course is built locally.
- I've imported slides into a new file.

Anyone know of what else I can do to fix this?


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Michelle Lamont

I'm not sure if this has been raised as a bug already, which I'm happy to do if it hasn't been, but I wanted to share that I too am experiencing this issue.  I spent several hours this morning reworking a module due to a different issue with drag-and-drop interactions  (post here plus Articulate case has been raised) only to find when I tested the module after reworking it, I noticed the audio doesn't play throughout the entire module. I tested a few different modules including imported MP3s and audio recorded in Storyline. They all fail to play.

I tested using Chrome V57.0.2987.132 on a Samsunsg S5, android V6.0.1. Module is published with Storyline V2.11.

This is the 3rd Chrome + Android related issue I've posted about in a couple of months, which is really surprising and I'm sorry to say, disappointing. Chrome is the supported browser and we're having much more luck with zero issues when using the Android native browser.

  • 23 Feb 17 - MP4s in SCORM not playing - post here, plus Articulate case raised # 01024463
  • 15 Mar 17 - Drag and drop interaction - post here, plus Articulate case raised # #01035256
  • 26 Apr 17 - this issue with audio

We've got hundreds of remote based staff that these issues are affecting, with just too many modules to rework or apply workarounds to. We don't want to move away from Chrome, being the supported browser, but we'll be left with no option if these issues aren't resolved soon and if they continue to pop up when Chrome updates are released.

Please let me know if you would like me to open a case and provide a sample .story file.  I would be very happy to.

Thanks, Michelle

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