Audio not working for HTML5 output in Chrome using Storyline 360

Hi all,

Very recently switched over to Storyline 360 and I am having issues with audio playback in Chrome. For some slides, audio does not play and I need to move the seekbar back to the start of the slide to get it to work.

Publishing the exact same project using Storyline 3 causes no issues and audio plays perfectly.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Cheers, Lloyd



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Laurie Foberg

Hi Leslie,

I'm going to submit a support case with one of my SL360 source files.

I've just recently had this happen in three separate published courses. All using Storyline 360. When viewed locally, audio plays fine. However, when launching from LMS or directly from a server, the first slide audio either doesn't play at all, or there is a delay. When you re-visit the first slide the audio plays correctly.  I've only been able to view the HTML5 version of these courses since I do not have Flash enabled anymore. I have tested in Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version), IE 11, and Edge. All browsers except IE11 had the audio problem on the first slide.

Ashley Schwartau

I've noticed this as well lately, with sound effects not playing if you replay a slide.

We've had clients complaining about the audio not working on courses we've delivered to them, and there's nothing we can do to fix them, which isn't making anyone happy :( Here's what one of them said: "While testing the course we did not have any issues on Internet Explorer which was great. On Google Chrome though the course seemed to lag a bit with audio & graphic loading. When I would move around from slide to slide sometimes the audio would start playing then stop within a second and never come back on."

I hope this is a top priority for the Articulate tech team! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

The issue in Storyline 360 where the audio in the HTML5 output gets cut-off or does not play when the following conditions are met:

  • It is followed by a slide with an image
  • The slide with the image has a Jump to trigger on the Prev button set to the slide with the audio
  • Also happens if the Jump to specific slide trigger is on the Next button
  • Also happens if you have jump scene trigger.

 is resolved in the most recent update to Storyline 360 Update 12. 

You can follow the details here to update your Storyline 360 app. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 


The .story file is over 1gb so sharing is not an option and I just downloaded the software 2 days ago. Looking at all the comments and doing a google search, this is a problem that you guys have been experiencing for a long while and apparently still haven't fixed. I submitted a support ticket yesterday and still have no reply