Browser inconsistencies causing play problems

Hi Gurus,

I am having constant headaches with our Storyline 2.0 modules in the Litmos LMS when my learners use IE or seemingly other browsers to Firefox.

When I test the modules using Firefox, they work perfectly (over our intranet or from home). When my learners do the modules, they stall, stop and they get stuck on screens that don't bring up the Next button or the next screen as programmed.

Litmos suggested that the older browsers have Flash player problems - ? Unfortunately, IE and Chrome are our standard browsers for my company.

Can anyone suggest a solution? I am getting so many complaints about this!



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Victoria

SCORM Cloud is a good testing platform for LMS deployment as it's a free industry standard. This article will walk you through how to set up testing there.

Another link to the test-suite

A blog about troubleshooting LMS issues

Wendy Farmer

The first link is to this knowledge article

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Second link is how to validate your Scorm content - just included that as a reference for you - some light reading to send you to sleep ;-)


Victoria Sublette

Ok, Scorm cloud says:  Congratulations, your manifest looks great!

So does that mean that the problems are LMS or browser-related? Being that it works in one browser but not another still brings me to the conclusion that it is a browser issue.

What do you all think? Anything else it could be?

Wendy Farmer

Just because you receive the manifest looks great message doesn't mean it will run correctly - that is the message you get that Scormcloud has all the files it needs to run the package.

I would be viewing the course in Scormcloud in the browsers you are concerned about. So open Scormcloud in IE or Chrome and run the course and see if you are getting the same errors your users are getting when they view your Litmos LMS in IE or Chrome.

Victoria Sublette

Oh poo. Well, I don't know how to do that. I clicked Launch in Scorm cloud, but got massive errors and I haven't gotten my REAL work done all day. :-(

I will just ask people not to use IE and leave it at that because I am not really supposed to be doing tech support. I could spend (unpaid) DAYS on this.


Jonas Brolin Hjortsberg


I agree the best thing is to try on another LMS to rule out that the LMS is causing the problem.

We had a similar problem with one of our projects, that did "crash" in internet explorer only, and only for certain users. I posted my solution in this thread:

Hope this would help your problem!


Phil Mayor

I think your problem is flash related, Firefox blocks the flash plugin if it is out of date and newer versions of IE do not have flash installed by default. It sounds to me like the HTML5 content is playing which is not supported in either of those two browsers.

This site is a good way to check if flash is installed and what version


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victoria,

Within SCORM Cloud I typically use the "Create invitation" link and then generate a public invite - you could use that version to test it within applicable browsers and ensure that you have the Flash plugin installed in Firefox and IE, and I would also recommend the site Phil shared above to check which browser and flash version you're using. You'll want to recommend folks use the latest version of each and you'll see the ones supported for Storyline content here. Also just to connect with what Phil mentioned you'll see the information here in terms of how Firefox blocks Flash content by default, but you can enable it. 

Victoria Sublette

Thank you, Phil and Ashley!

One problem we have found is that one of our learners had IE with COMPATIBILITY MODE turned ON! This completely blocked the LMS from working.

So, that's one thing. I will try the Create invitation link that Ashley mentioned next.

Thank you everyone for your help. :-)

Linda Lowe

I have not tried that yet. I was hoping for an easy fix to this, before I
invested too much time troubleshooting. From what I have read it is a
problem with Internet Explorer and Flash. Thanks for your reply. I will
try SCORM Cloud. If anyone else has any suggestions that would be great

Hazel Wilson

Hi all, I realise this thread is a little old but hoping someone can help. I'm having some browser related issues. I have done rigorous testing including through SCORM Cloud on all relevant browsers so it's definitely a browser rather than LMS issue.

Google Chrome runs the course perfectly

IE11 runs, tracks and reports well other than minor animations not displaying correctly

Microsoft Edge is an absolute write-off and has content including navigation buttons missing all over the place!

The course was published to HTML5 with Flash fallback. My question is can these browser issues be resolved? Or am I limited to instructing my users to launch through Chrome only?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated, as this is affecting course roll-out on a huge scale!