Change state of | Can't change the state to a specific object / variable?

Hi Articulate community,

I'm new to Articulate Storyline and I'm following these tutorials:

In the 5th tutorial (Trigger State Changes) at 2:42 they're working on changing a state of an object. I downloaded the files and tried to follow the steps but I can only change the state to a couple of basic states like "Normal" or "Hidden" or "Hover" (See screenshot).

According to the tutorial video I should be able to change the state to "A". I've tried to change some settings but I can't get it working. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance!

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Jochum Beerepoot

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Daniel Servan


You can change the state of an object but not a variable.
For a variable, you can adjust the value but not State.

In Storyline, concatenation is also not available.

For example, you have states like State1, State2, State3 etc...

And you have variable Counter, WHERE Counter is = 1/2/3/4.

So if you want to change the state with this method:
Change the state of Object to "State"+Counter (THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE)

Diana Myers

Hi Jochum - 

So happy to hear you're going through the fantastic tutorials, but sorry to hear you're having trouble.  I opened the practice file you're referring to, and you're right - it looks like States A, B and C haven't been set up for the Document on slide Practice slide 2.1 Click.  

The goods news is that you've got two options:  

  1. The easiest solution would be to delete the document on Slide 2.1, then copy and paste the Document from Slide 2.2 (that one has all the states you need).
  2. You're other option would be to keep the document on Slide 2.1 and add the States you need using the New State button on the States panel (image attached).  You would name each new state A, B or C as needed and then add the corresponding letter to the Document itself.

Hope this helps!  Good luck and keep up with the tutorials!