Changing Speed of Audio in Articulate Storyline?

Nov 20, 2013

I'm working on creating some Articulate Storyline projects for a class I teach.  Our current videos are MUCH less engaging and interactive and are simply the professor in front of a web camera lecturing.  One things students LOVE to do is to speed up the audio / presentation of the video.  Most students can listen and absorb items much faster than we can talk about them.  I have some audio/lecturing slides in Storyline (e.g. when I do a voice-over of a screen capture or talk about the basics of financial statements).  I'm wondering if there is anything I can add to the player that would allow students to control the speed of the audio.

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Eric Santos

Hi, everyone!

I have some great news to share. We just released another update for Storyline 360. In Update 83, we've included important fixes and new features!

One of the new features we've included:

Launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer to take advantage of this update, and click the Update button next to Storyline 360. You'll find our step-by-step instructions here.

Please let me know if you need additional help!

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Teresa Vanderpost

Morning, just reading the full trail.  I think the original question is the question I was just asked from my SME.  They actually wanted to know if the learner could have the ability to speed up the pace of the audio they hear on each slide, not using the seek bar as they need to listen to the words, but they just wanted to listen faster than the narrator is speaking.  These are just audio files inserted onto each this is not possible correct?


Yuyen Chang

I don't believe the current play has this capacity. I had the same question and the person who responded to me let me know that user-controlled speed had been submitted as a feature request.
In the meantime a work-around is to use an audio-editing software to speed up the recording and then insert that clip back into SL. But that new speed will be it. The user will not be able to speed it up or slow it down.

Faizan Mumtaz

Yes, yes, yes! Learners are always looking for this feature to adjust playback speed (especially playback for audio and video in 1.5x and 2.0x speed). I have looked into Adobe Captivate to see if they have this feature out of the box. It is worth switching for this feature alone if it exists. Does anyone know any good workaround for now? I have been using Youtube/screencast videos as much as possible that have this playback speed feature built-in to accommodate our learners. I wonder if there is an LMS out there that has implemented this feature at the LMS level somehow. Thanks!!!

Looking forward to this feature being available soon in Articulate 360. Thanks!


I'm watching this thread, as it's something crucial for us.

I must say, it's really frustrating to have the response of "no updates", "no timelines", etc.  It would be far better for us customers to know it literally isn't even on the agenda (it has been 5 years!).

Can you at least confirm that it isn't in development yet (which I presume it isn't)?  And if/when it is planned to even be considered?  At least then we can give appropriate answers to our customers about this and/or consider whether to renew with Articulate.

Scott Wiley

While this may not be ideal as a solution, but has anyone considered creating different versions of your audio/video, of various speeds, and having a selector somewhere allow the learner to select something like "slower" "normal" or "faster"

Then on each slide that leads to a piece of audio, read the variable setting and jump to a slide of that speed. If they are on a slide and want to change speed mid-stream, a variable could be read when the variable changes and load the appropriate slide that contains audio/video of that speed.

Just a thought. In general, we avoid audio for reasons such as this. Without having a dynamic way to control speed, everyone listens a the same speed so it is a limiting factor.

Yuyen Chang

It's a good idea but, like you said, not ideal. We would have to offer at least 3 different speeds, and that means we have to triple the size of the file and amount of work to create these. Plus we have animation synced with the narration, which will be even more work if I had to create multiple versions of the same slides just to offer different play speeds.  I'm hoping this feature can be available soon as we work with medical students who pretty much demand this option. 

Cristiana Ratti

Yes, I am also working with medical students, and their largest complaint is that they cannot speed up audio so they can go at their pace.  As others have said, this is not the ability to find a particular place with the seek bar, but a feature similar to an audio book, where you can listen at 1x or 2x or .75x.