Courses not COMPLETING on LMS

Sep 10, 2021

Multiple LMS's are not updating the "completion" or "success" status of recent courses published with Storyline 360 (latest build)

The course completion is set via a trigger:
When timeline starts on this slide, complete course as complete/passed

and the publish settings are:

  • SCORM 1.2 (still fails with SCORM 2004 (2nd Ed))
  • Reporting = Passed/Incomplete
  • Tracking = "Using triggers"


This problem has been seen on my client's LMS and I have now tested on SCORM CLOUD and see exactly the same problem.

Interestingly - if I put some older courses built with an older version of SL360, then these work fine and as expected, and were built and published using exactly the same settings.

It feels like a recent build of SL360 has broken this and introduced a bug... but I cant see a recent discussion about this so Im thinking I cant be the only one in the world to spot this! What else could it be though?

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Anne De Felice

Hi, Can you please provide some tips on making sure course completion works in Cornerstone OnDemand LMS? We are required to publish to SCORM 2004 3rd edition. Is it better to have the Course Complete trigger on a button, or when the timeline starts on the final slide? (Or does either one work fine?)

Steven Benassi

Hi Anne!

It sounds like you are trying to ensure course completion status is communicated between your lesson and the LMS (Cornerstone).

Storyline 360 sends a completion status to the LMS as soon as learners meet the completion requirement selected by the author. I would suggest testing your course on SCORM Cloud to ensure the course completion trigger functions as intended.

Whether adding a trigger to a button or using the timeline approach, the data should be sent to the LMS regardless. If your course is malfunctioning in Cornerstone but performs as expected in SCORM Cloud, then the issue is likely LMS-based.

I'll open the floor to our helpful community who may be able to share their experiences on working with Cornerstone LMS!

Joseph Francis

When using Cornerstone OnDemand (aka "Saba") for a SCORM 2004, Ed. 3 courses, you must send both a Completion status and a Success status when the learner has successfully completed the course. Otherwise, the learner will be stuck at Completed/Unknown.

Storyline and Studio: How to Report Completion and Success Statuses to an LMS

I typically have this slide trigger on the last slide in the course:

Complete course as Completed/Passed
When the timeline starts on this slide
Anne De Felice

Thank you Joseph, this is very helpful! (Please see attached files for the settings I am using).

Currently I have set up LMS Reporting as "Passed/Incomplete."

Also, the Tracking Option is for "When the learner completes a quiz." 

Is this sufficient? In the Storyline documentation it says you can have 1-3 choices, and that "Whichever option a learner completes first is the one that gets reported to your LMS/LRS."

Joseph Francis

That should be sufficient. Keep in mind, in their infinite wisdom, Saba still requires the learner to click the "content player close button" [X] in the upper-right of the content player window to trigger a course completion at the Course and Transcript levels (Storyline is sending a completion at the Activity level). 🙄

While Saba has been aware of the "content player close button" issue for better than 10 years, they are either unwilling or unable to remove the redundant mouse click they insist users perform to achieve completion. When you're stuck in the traditional ILT course/class(es) mindest for all learning modalities, it's no wonder something like this gets short shrift.

Anne De Felice


I have an "Exit Course" button on the final screen-- maybe I should attach an "Exit Course"* trigger to that as well? I guess it couldn't hurt?

(If someone clicks the Exit course button and sends this trigger would this be equivalent to clicking the content player close button, and also send the course completion at the Course and Transcript levels?)

It seems to be based on this thread

I also found this related discussion.

* screen shot attached.

Joseph Francis

Unfortunately, no.

While the learner will (rightly) assume when he/she clicks your [Exit Course] button that he/she will be marked "Completed," the course content window will close, and then he/she will be returned to the course description page, Saba insists he/she click THEIR "content player close button" [X] to execute those actions.

Despite the fact that eLearning courses have been able to do all of that since web-based courses were first introduced (I was beta on Macromedia's "Shockwave for Authorware" browser plug-in; silently returning a completion to the LMS, to AICC specs, was priority one), this clunkiness was one of the reasons Saba was not ultimately chosen when I was on the LMS evaluation and implementation teams for a different employer 20+ years ago.

I avoid having an [Exit Course] button at the end of the course for that reason, instead relying on a variation of the boilerplate "you are now done and can close the window" text, even subtly pointing to Saba's [X]. I do have the Complete Course trigger fire as soon as the timeline starts on that last slide.

Anne De Felice

Wow thanks again, that is very useful information!!

Now that you mention it, I remember we had the same issue as well at my former employer (using Lectora as authoring tool) about 15 years ago, with the SumTotal Systems LMS. We actually created a pop-up at the end urging learners to click the Close Window button...

LOL I remember Shockwave, I used to develop in Macromedia Director. :-)

Anne De Felice

Hi Stephen, I have a follow-up question for you, now that I've reviewed all the great info Joseph Francis provided. Can you confirm that, if I have two selections in the Tracking Options, the learner only needs to meet one requirement to get completion in an LMS? (I think this is what is says in the Articulate documentation.)  (In my case, the learner would pass the Final Assessment before they get to the final slide with the Course Complete trigger. ) 


please see attached screen shots.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Anne, 

Yes, that is correct. Whichever option a learner completes first is the one that gets reported to your LMS/LRS. (Only one option gets sent to the LMS/LRS, even if a learner completes multiple criteria.) You can check out this article for more information on how courses report completion when there are more than 1 tracking option is selected. 

Let me know if you have any questions!

Sarah Holden


I am having the same problem with a course I've published, it will not mark as complete in our LMS (Totara).  I am using the modern player and have not used the Complete Course trigger, I am using '100% of slides viewed' and this still doesn't work.  I have tried every combination of Complete/Incomplete etc as well as SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 4th Ed.  I would appreciate some urgent help or advice with this problem as it's driving me mad!

Many thanks


Phil Mayor

A couple of things I would try go with 98-99% of slides viewed as Moodle always falls down with 100%. Also have you added a grade to the grade book. For slides viewed you also want to switch to learning track learning object rather than grade, this means your grade in the gradebook will be 1.
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