Crispness of edges of fonts in Storyline?

Nov 22, 2012

I am wondering if the modules that we are making with Storyline are having the fonts have edges that appear just a bit fuzzier than is normal.

Can you tell me -- if you look at the title slide of this module -- look at the black words

Evaluation for Education Programs

  and also  

Module 2 

Module is at:

Do the font edges seem fuzzy to you?   And if so, is that pretty much normal for Articulate, or can it be improved?

BTW, the chosen font is the default one called "Articulate."

Any thoughts or suggestions on that?  THANKS! --eric

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katherine!

As far as the issue that is with our QA Team, I do not have an update to share.

I will share this information in case it is helpful to you:

Objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output. As a result, they may not appear as crisp in HTML5 as they do in Flash if you set the player to scale to fill the browser. To avoid scaling and reduction in image quality, we recommend locking your course player at optimal size.

Tip: Because objects aren't vectored in HTML5 output, they may look blurry or pixelated in zoom regions.

Paul Knights

Hi, I was wondering if the engineer team had made any progress on this subject? I agree with Mark T that Adobe flash has far superior rendering with its inbuilt anti-aliasing and as storyline uses flash technology we should be able to see the same results in quality of output. It seems to me that storyline uses and older form of the code or licence from adobe? If this is the case then surely it can be fixed - hopefully not an issue on the new forthcoming release of storyline 3!

I still use flash for high end clients where quality is key but I would change that if articulate could sort this out...and its been years since we all complained and nothing has been done.


Zio Fonta

about text rendering in html5 player:

Good news is that mobile player (Chrome and Safari for ios and Chrome for Android) renders text very well.

Bad news is that html5 player is not well rendered in desktop version. A bit more readable on Firefox and Edge, very bad on last version of Chrome with its new render engine (Blink). Text rendering in html is affected by several issues: browser engine, operating system, user settings, being the text inside an element that has been transformed (scaled) with css property "transform" (as it happens for SL3 player), so that css properties like "text-rendering", "font-smoothing" are overridden by different behaviours. 


Evelyn Hamm

That's very interesting! Thank you Zio. In my opinion Internet Explorer & Firefox are OK. But Chrome is defenetly not good.

While working with Storyline 1 & 2 we gave our customers the advice to communicate to their learners to use chrome, because in this storyline versions the text and the images where sharp. :/ After updating the opposite is the case.

Ashley, could you please inform how articulate thinks about this?

Best Regards!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zio and Evelyn, 

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing the experience and behavior you're seeing. Our team is looking into a few different issues with text rendering in SL360, and so I'd love to have some more information from you in terms of what you're seeing just to be sure we are looking and talking about the same things! The font kerning issues previously seen in Storyline 2 are already noted and we're discussing next steps with our team, but if there is something else causing headaches when using Storyline 360 with text issues can you share a copy of the .story file and any screenshots with our team here. 

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