Crispness of edges of fonts in Storyline?

I am wondering if the modules that we are making with Storyline are having the fonts have edges that appear just a bit fuzzier than is normal.

Can you tell me -- if you look at the title slide of this module -- look at the black words

Evaluation for Education Programs

  and also  

Module 2 

Module is at:

Do the font edges seem fuzzy to you?   And if so, is that pretty much normal for Articulate, or can it be improved?

BTW, the chosen font is the default one called "Articulate."

Any thoughts or suggestions on that?  THANKS! --eric

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Arthur Grant

I agree with everyone that this is a pretty sad issue. I've developed SCORM based wrappers for Flash and HTML before and I can tell you that the issue is how Storyline re-renders the text box as it was placed on the screen. Any Flash developers out there you can try this out yourself. If you take a text box in Flash and put the X and Y coordinate on a fraction of a whole number, you will get exactly what you see in Storyline; fuzzy text.

Storyline doesn't allow users to use fractions of whole numbers in position placement but I can almost guarantee when it gets published or rendered, it moves a micron or so--resulting in the fuzzy wuzzies. I have had the most luck in Storyline using Arial 12pt and adjusting placement on a slide to find the crispest setting THEN build my master slide around those settings or I honestly revert to Articulate Presenter 2013. At least there, you are in PowerPoint and have the ability to adjust to fractions to compensate for the packaging that happens on publish. You can actually see the difference in font clarity to the same deck published through Storyline.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Arthur, and welcome to the Heroes community.

Font rendering and crispness, as you can see, has been a popular topic and one that we have shared with our product development team in addition to the users here who have submitted feature requests.  

If you'd like to stay up to date on future releases, versions, and updates I'd suggest to follow along with the Word of Mouth blog, our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Dan Vetter

Actually, my issue is with Articulate 2013

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dan,

Do you mean Studio 13? You posted in the Storyline forums, hence my reply. I haven't seen a lot of issues with fonts in Studio 13, although you may want to look through the forums to see if there is something that matches your scenario and reach out for help there. Also, you're welcome to share your project files (I'd suggest to start a new thread in the Studio forums) or connect directly with our support team. 

Ryan Martin

Not really a fix, more of a semi-promising (and tedious) hack:

In the case of State 4, which has crisp text (see my original comment) ... I simply copied that text and pasted it in States 2 and 3 ... And lo and behold, States 2 & 3 are no longer blurry.

This begs the questions:

What was special about State 4 text that made it crisp to begin with?

What's being copied to the clipboard that makes States 2 & 3 crisp?

Find the pattern. Find the fix?

Anywho. Back to creating elearning greatness :P