Disappointed in Storyline 360

I came from using Storyline 2 a few months ago to using SL 360 now and have had such a bad experience. The quality of the program seems to have suffered so much. Constant bugs, things stop working when you are creating simple triggers and having to redo things a lot. It is such a poor experience after such a good one with SL2. I am not sure what happened when you switched modules, but I am not sure if my company can continue to use the product as a result. Simple things in storyline should not cause corruption (and, yes, I am following all your tips on corruption). I can only guess at this point that the corruption is coming from the new features such as icons... When are you going to listen to everyone and fix your product instead of pushing our new versions? 

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Callie Baker

I tend to agree, not that I have much to compare it to as I have not used any earlier versions of SL. However, I have had few days over the last 6 months were I haven't had to redo something 5-6 times because the program crashed. You're absolutely correct in your point that it seems to crash doing even the simple things like adding icons or (for me) working with states. Unfortunate. 

Katelin Jordan

I had almost no issues with SL2. It was amazing. Now I am scared constantly... I am considering Adobe Captivate as we cannot continue to experience these issue. It is sad because I love the program, but we can't afford to continue this process each and every day and week. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Katelin and Callie,

I'm truly sorry for the issues you've run into with Storyline 360, and I can imagine how frustrating this must be. It's certainly not the experience we'd want anyone to have, and the insights folks have shared in the past few months about the update experience we have shared with our larger team. Please know that it is a very short ladder that things are running up. We're working to make this process one that works smoothly and without any reason to be scared, and your help in getting to the bottom of these issues is very appreciated! 

Katelin, I see you previously worked with a few of our support engineers, and that my colleague Victor has reached out again to dig a bit further into the issues you're seeing. I'll keep an eye on your case with him so that we can share updates here. 

Callie, if you'd also like to work one-on-one with our Support team, please let me know. I can start a case for you, and that'll be the best course of action to get this resolved and allow our team to gather more details to work on the broader fix.