Drag and drop freeform question in Storyline 360

Mar 08, 2017

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else experienced issues when previewing drag and drop freeform questions created in SL360? When I drag the object it drops above the target. The .story example and a screenshot are attached.


Thank you,


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Chase Mallow

I know this thread is a little old, but I'm still having issues with the drag and drop. I used to be able to tile the answers within a drop target. Now the answers will just float and won't drop to the target. The Tile and Snap Offset options don't seem to work. I recorded my screen to show what happens on each setting.


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Beverly,

Thank you for including that video of what you are seeing. It is the perfect demonstration of an issue we are aware of.

Drag items are 'sticking' to the mouse and not actually dropping onto the target.

Seems specific to courses that were upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 and with snap behavior set to Tile.

We do have a workaround listed:

Set Snap dropped items to drop target to Free

In the meantime, I will add this thread to our report as we are tracking user impact. 

Leah Hemeon

Please add my name to the list of folks experiencing this issue. I am testing out Articulate 360 for possible purchase. It's impacting one of my projects I converted from Storyline 2. Using the workaround to set it to "free" isn't an option in my case because I have drop states for correct and incorrect answers which can't be seen unless they're tiled. I have about 10 more modules that I need to convert. They'll all have this problem. At this point I'll need to rebuild each drag & drop in each module. Any chance there's a fix coming soon?

Vispi Baria

Hi, I believe this is the same issue here: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/storyline-360-drag-and-drop

This has been a big issue for us (and sounds like it has for others too). We had to reluctantly change the option to 'No shuffle', but have noticed that it sometimes changes back to 'shuffle' even when we have not touch the slide in question (only changed another slide and republished)!

Any idea when this is going to be fixed, as we have been waiting for months on a significant bug for us...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vispi,

Thanks for sharing here - the two issues are a bit different but related. One of the other recommendations/workarounds was to use the snap to target as "Free" for your drop options. 

The issue where drag item continue to move with the mouse even after releasing the mouse button over a drop target when projects are upgraded to SL360, is still an open issue but marked as a high priority update and targetted for the next update which has not been scheduled yet. 

We'll keep you posted here once we have a release date. 

Alyssa Gomez

Good news, everyone!  We just released another update for Articulate 360, and included a few important fixes and new features that you'll see in the release notes here.

We had talked about how a drag item wouldn't always drop on a target in HTML5 output unless you clicked your mouse to release it.  That issue has been addressed!

Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application.

Let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to reach out to our support team!

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